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The Silent Abuse in Wisconsin's State Prisons by Uhuru 2015

                                              The Silent Abuse Inside Wisconsin’s State Prisons
The Psychological and physiological effects of Long term Administrative Confinement in segregation.
Fact Sheet

1)in 1997 to 2001, certain Wisconsin politicians went on a demagoguery campaign to appear tough on ye and solve unemployment:Their plans were not thought out as evidence in current corrections show.

2) They were led by then Governor Tommy Thompson, who petitioned U.S. Congress for grant money. But was told Wisconsin did not qualify because they did not have an overcrowding problem Thompson, went and created one.

3) Thompson did three things
 (a)set the milieu for 'Truth in Sentencing", the oxy-moron Imported, even though Its birth state disbanned it as a failure, the T.T. demagogs moved forward. "Foolish slogans bring a fool's result”;
 (b) They changed the parole system, by skulduggery means, making it static parole.. I.e.., no grants or very few;
 (3) They changed the Administrative Code, broadening the language and scope to place a prisoner in AC (Administrative Confinement). An indefinite status that lasts either to release,, death, or they choose to stop abusing and let you out. In conjunction, Thompson directed DOC staff to Increase their conduct report quotas. The same way traffic cops are required to issue certain amount of citations to generate money for law enforcement projects. But here, the goal was to create prison overcrowding.

4)Combined together, all four elements working In conjunction did exactly that (See: 1997 Wis. Act 283, and see criminal penalities study committee (CPSC) report at: www.doa.state.wLus/ Also, "if you build it they will come: the threat of overciassification in Wisconsin's Supermax prison" - by Jerry R. Demario, University of Wisconsin Law School, 2001, Wis. L Rev. 207.

4) Before Supeax opened 50 prisoners were on AC with 41 on target list Id. 219. Even this number was post Thompson's move to increase. The true number was around 25 for the whole system. 60% were Black, and Hispanic making up the rest. With six whites.

5) This increase created new problems, though these abuses don't matter. Increase in seg-addes" (Seg suicides) In Wisconsin from 2001 to 2005 had 28: Twice the national average. (See: Wl-DOC.coml&NathanPheips/pressgazette&joumalsentinal.

6) To allow prisoners out of the hole (segregation) they must find a goofy and petty reason to send somebody else to switch the beds, or hold people like me for decades. (I was in Supermax 14 years, seg for 15 years, and continues).
7) While there have been four to five major  litigations challenging seg conditions, the relief gained only protects the severely mentally ill, and that’s dubious because we still see them being abused too. Wisconsin has no real mental health system for the number of prisoners that need treatment; and the abuse of long term seg/AC creates new decompensations every 6 months. (In paraphrasing Gandhi: "As the state seg is a soulless machine, it can never be weaned from the mental & physical violence to which it owes it's very existence").
8) To learn more about these issues, or to get involved or read about these abuses, go to "Forum for understanding prisons" (FFUP). Web: or email Or you can talk to me at Ras Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil, P.O. Box 351, #228971, Waupun, WI 53963 (N. Green).

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