Monday, May 9, 2016

Open Record Request reveals who is on administrative Confinement and Where

who's where?
The where is easy to see here but the " how long" is not. These guys are switched from AC to regular segregation often. Conditions are the same but it looks different on paper. The question to ask is: how long have you been in isolation? and remember- for some a short time is devastating. Studies have found, and I have found that prisoners that study the law, which is allowed by law, helps the prisoner keep sane. I am told by the long timers though, after a certain number of years deterioration sets in even then.

Waupun Correctional Institution WCI AC (20)

Green Bay Correctional Institution GBCI AC (3)

Wisconsin Secure Program Facility (Supermax formerly- now WSPF)  (68)

 Columbia Correctional Institution CCI AC prisoners (11)

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