Sunday, May 1, 2016

Open records request for AC information

This Open Records request was done in response to reports by inmates that prisoners were being transfered into AC when the new DOC segregation rules came out. Our original request is below- asks for a lot of details. Columbia Correctional responded first by filling all request and charging around 5 dollars. Waupun and WSPF response are enclosed, they would fill the requests but each would charge more than 150 dollars as finders fees. I contacted the two prisons and asked them to give me names and whatever else they could do for 5 dollars. GBCI responsed in April after a second letter.

WSPF (68 AC prisoners)
GBCI( 4 AC prisoners)
WCI (19 AC prisoners)
CCI ( 11 AC prisoners) 
request letter:

WCI First response and Bill

WSPF first response and bill

CCI data
letter, what filled

Names of AC prisoners in CCI

Recreation times


5 of 11 AC reviews and Transfer times(coming)

WCI data- names,

transfer times of all AC prisoners

GBCI data -

GBCI AC reviews and transfer times


 names of prisoners:

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