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profile RayShun Woods

Rayshun Woods 390831; WCI

I,Rayshun Woods of sound mind, hereby state the following this May 12th ,2016:
At all times relevant I was and still am a prisoner at WCI, (PO Box 351,  Waupun WI 53963-0351) in the Health Complex Unit(Segregation), now known as the Restrictive Housing Unit (RHU) as of June, 1st, 2015.
On July 21, 2012 , I was found guilty of Battery and Disobeying Orders, and given 8 days adjustment, 360 days of Program. ( program and Disciplinary Separation are the same, except on program, for every 2 says served in RHU/seg, 1 day is added to ones release date out of prison, extending your mandatory release date by a couple days, up to a couple months).

 On August 9, 2013, I was placed on Administrative  Confinement (AC). a form of solitary  confinement, except there is no set release date for a prisoner to be released from RHU/seg. There is onlya review every 6-months to be determined by the administration (security staff /officials). This decision, whether a prisoner should stay or be released from A.C.,can and does result in a prisoner being on AC for multiple years ( some have been on AC for 18 , 20 plus years).

During these 4 consecutive years in solitary confinement this coming July 2016, I have been alone in a cell for 23 or more hours per day with very limited physical contact with humans, very limited social  contact, and very little contact with the environment, and many other restrictions.

I am subjected to excessively loud disturbing noises, such as:yelling, screaming, banging on walls. Doors, metal sinks and toilets, 24- hours daily.

I am forced to be around prisoners who throw urine and fecal matter, and spit on individuals any chance they got .

I am forced to be around mentally ill prisoners (not prisoners with mental health issues, but actual prisoners who need to be in a mental health facility, such as: Mendota or Wisconsin Resource Center (WRC) not forcibly residing in the DOC facilities) who does not receive proper mental health treatment they need.

Since being in this RHU/Seg building 2012, I havve been subjected to contaminated drinking water and plastic peeling food trays and psychological classical and conversion thinking behavior tactics which aim to toture me. Unnecessary and exaggerated restrictive housing guised as non-punitive.

I have been dealing with severe mental and physical anguish, such as: headaches, depression, high stress, Isolation ( loneliness),sleeplessness and self communication.

Since my placement in solitary confinement, I have been experiencing:irritability and fear of impending death-hopelessness, major depression, emotional flatness, loss ability to have any feeling at times, mood swings -hostility, unprovoked anger, verbal outbursts-short attention span, poor memory, confused throught process, disorientaion-hypersensitivity to noises-self cutting and suicide attempts.

Since my placement in solitary confienmment, I have been diagnosed with Major Depression, Anti- Social Personality Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Since my placement in solitary confinemnet, I have been meeting with a psychologist frequently. I have been approved by Waupun Prison Mental Health Staff and Dicotr severaaa times to tak emedications for my mental health issues, ( but I refused for personal reasons). I finally agreed to the medication (Feb, 2016) because age mental torture is overbearing.

By the administration, I have been told to maintain positive behavior, complete programs , and remain conduct reports free, in order for AC to be lifted. As a result, I have maintained positive behavior since my entry into RHU/Seg 2012, I have been conduct report free since 2012, and completed all programs that were available to me, even the ones they never asked me to do. But still I remain in solitary  confienment on AC to this day.

Note: The DOC and Waupun (WCI) official have lied to the public and concealed the truth about their solitary confinement policies concerning AC prisoners, and the push and strain it has had and is having on our physical and psychological bodies.

The truth is they are psychologically torturing us, and negligently, and in some cases, are deliberately indifferent to the harm and risk it unfolds on us psychologically.

A.C. Prisoner in RHU/Seg,Waupun (WCI), Dodge County, WI
Dated this 12th Day of May, 2016

Rayshun Woods 390831
WCI;PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

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  1. what these prison officials are doing to these prisoners is absolutely despicable. it hurts me to my core and as citizens and society we need to protect our fellow creatures. they cannot get away with such abuse any longer. to you Rayshun Woods and all prisoner in solitary confinement around the country i stand in solidarity with you. We will not stand for this abuse any longer.