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Shirell Watkins Profile

Shirell Watkins 359661 WCI

My name is Shirell Watkins Sr (DOC #359661). I am a prisoner at the Waupun Correctional Institution (WCI) in

Waupun , Wisconsin where I have been held since July7, 2010.

On September 16th, 2010, I was brought to WCI's restrictive Housing Unit ( called “RHU, then known as the health/segregation Complex “HSU”) and placed on temporary lockup (“TLU”) status.  I have been held in solitary confinement without end since. I am currently on Administrative Confinement (“AC) which is so -called non- punitive status.

 Since being placed in solitary confinement , I have completed the following programs: 1) phase one and 2) two of cognitive Group intervention program, 3) The coping skills group program and 4) the New Freedom program(which I have completed twice in RHU).

Since being placed in solitary confinement, I have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder; assigned mental health code one, prescribed Mirtazapine by psychological services; placed on clinical monitoring by psychological services, and I have been met with what I understand to be the following symptoms: severe mental anguishment, depression, sleeplessness, high stress, constant self communication, headaches, weight fluctuation, eye-aches, hyper- reaction to situations/incidents, isolation (lonelyness) short attention span, poor concentration and at times poor memory.

  As of today (May 2016),I have served 17 years and 10 months in the WI DOC. I was sentenced to 25 years in October 1998 for a February 1998 first degree reckless homicide charge at the age of 18 in Milwaukee, WI.  Upon being classified by the program review committee(PRC) duting intake at Dodge Corr. Institution, I was labeled with a Presumptive Mandatory release (PMR)status due to the violent crime and assigned the AODA program as an A/E need.

My PMR date is September 20, 2016. My last parole hearing was held on March 19th, 2015, and the commission deerred me to PMR. My next hearing will be in July 2016 for consideration for presumptive Mandatory Release. The commission made it clear at my March 2015 parole
 hearing that completion of ADOA Residential Program at institution level is required prior to release date. At my December 18, 2015, hearing with the Administrative Confinement Review Committee (ACRC) I was given a 6 month continuance of AC. My next AC hearing will be held in June 2016 for consideration of AC  release by the ACRC.

  On February 10 2016, I wrote to Parole Commissioner Dean Stensberg calling for release on parole- No action taken. On March 2 2016. I wrote to WCI Warden Bryan Foster calling for a release from AC status tto transitional status in order to push for lower custody through PRC and enrollment into the ADOA residential program once transferred to achieve release from prison on parole. The Warden has not responded. Along with causing and exasperating psychological and emotional issues within me, continued AC status keeps me in prison as it prevents parole.
Shirell Watkins SR 359661

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