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Calling prison how to and PHONE Zapping


Phone zapping and how to call prisons
Starting Friday, June 10, at least six prisoners in longterm solitary confinement at Waupun Correctional Institute and Columbia Correctional Institute have been engaging in a hunger strike, refusing food and demanding an end to solitary confinement in Wisconsin prisons. Please take a minute to call, and put pressure on administration to listen to them and stop torture of prisoners in Wisconsin. For day five of the hunger strike, the prisoners are asking that you call John Litscher, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections at 608-240-5000. Hours of operation are 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM, after that time can leave a message.

Sample script: "There is a hunger strike going on in your facilities and the wardens are not taking it seriously. Please meet and negotiate with the prisoners at Waupun and Columbia Correctional Institute, and address the six humanitarian demands that they have against solitary confinement in Department of Corrections. This is the fifth day that most prisoners. In addition, Norman Green #228971 at Columbia Correctional has been on hunger strike for eight days, the Columbia Warden refuses to acknowledge food refusal is happening, and guards are interfering with his property. This needs to change immediately. "

There will be updates and further calls to action as the situation develops.
From a letter by one of the inmates organizing the food refusal:
"In the state of Wisconsin hundreds of prisoners are in the long term solitary confinement unit aka Administrative Confinement (A.C.). Some been on this status from 18 to 20 years concurrents. We are planning a hunger strike for June 10, 2016 and we need all the help we can get to get this to the media, put pressure on the D. O.C and politicians, etc. When calling and/or emailing any of the above be persistent. Do it a minimum of two of two or three times per day. You may also call Waupun Correctional Institution to check on our well being at 920-324-5571 "

Here is a "How-To" video for calling prisons (the example used is a lot longer than what's expected for this call, but it shows how the process can often look like)

If you're participating internationally, you can make an international voice call to the US very cheaply using google voice / hangouts

If you wish to write to participating prisoners to make message of support, please write to:
(note: many prisoners have been moved>Here are names and prisons

Address for all three: WCI; PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963
LaRon McKinley 42642 link to web post :
Cesar De Leon 322800, link to web post:
Joshua Scolman 422508 (now in seg-going to AC)link to post:
Inmates at CCI  on food refusal-
Address for all: CCI; P.O. Box 900, Portage, WI 53901
Norman Green, 228971 CCI ,(moved from WCI late May) link to web post:
Shirell Watkins: 359661 CCI (moved from WCI late May) web:

inmates at GBCI on "food refusal" :Lamar Larry#239906 ;GBCI,PO Box 19033;Green Bay, WI 54307 (no profile yet)

When writing, keep statements of support vague, language including "hunger strike" will most likely be blocked. People who wish to write can use the Milwaukee IWW PO Box as a return address, at PO Box 342294, Milwaukee, WI, 53234

More information on the incarcerated workers participating in this action and their writings can be found at:

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