Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Graphic look at segregation by Thomas Deering and Robert Ward

This essay is difficult to read but gives one of the most gripping descriptions of seg I have some across. This will be typed, right now here it is in pdf form, hand written.

Thomas Deering 282624
CCI PO Box 900,Portage, Wi 53901

Below is Another view of same situation.
Robert Ward 515599; CCCI, PO 900; Portage, WI  25 years old


My name is Robert Ward Doc #515599. The public needs to be aware of what is happening to fellow human beings right here in the Wisconsin DOC. I understand a lot of us deserve to be in prison. But we all deserve the 2nd chance to get help, don’t we? Or to be treated like a human being at least?  Even though we made mistakes, we are still born and die as human. Well. We are not being treated as that. Even the courts are finding ways to hinder us from making changes. We all have seen or heard of corrupted government. Why is it okay for them to do wrong things? I’m in a max prison for getting conduct reports in the county jail. Minor as they were they still put me in a max prison with violent lifers who are never going home. Is my safety really important to them? No. It’s not.  They are throwing us in maxes so fast cause there’s no room in mediums. Our food portions are being slowly and surely cut back. A 6 ounce serving of fruit is 5 or 6 pieces of canned fruit for them. You would have money to feed us if you would stop breaking constitutional law and being sued. This is what tax money is going to. Build monsters, alot of us are going home more angry and filled with hatred and bad mental  health issues. In CCI they tell you they have groups and the help people, but come here and find out for yourself. Asking for help is like asking to have it snow in summer. I’m 26 years old and I have never thought about taking my own life until now. DOC is built to break you down mentally into submission. Try to be a prison lawyer…hah- you go through hell:”AC here, you come.“  You’re a threat to the “security of the prison.” Our health care is greatly denied and put on the side. We have to act like monkeys to be treated like humans. I tried to kill myself on 4 -18-16.Just couldn’t deal with this life any more. I was Let cut myself from 8:15 to 10 pm- Where my room was a blood lake and I could barely walk , staff  decided to gas my room and get me. At 8 pm staff were informed of my mental state. But stated: “Mr Ward, you will be okay in an hour. “I’m currently suing for this.  7 inch cut 1 inch deep. And after that no PSU came seen COs his chest hurt and it was hard to breathe. CO told him to lay down and drink water. He died that night at the age of 40-45 years old. I was given 150days in the hole without half time for not celling up with a homosexual. The max for refusing an order is 90 days. So why did they give me 150 days? It’s because they don’t c are. People are not people in prison. They talk and treat us like nothing> Dane Kirk threw something in my eye out of anger and cut my eye.5 27 16. He was gone 2 weeks later. But I didn’t see the doctor til 8 12 16> damage done. The Doctor tries to hide or say things are not this bad, ha, Come and find out- when visitors do come the DOC shows them parts they want them to see-you’ll  never see what it’s really like. I’m in fear of my safety, not by inmates, but by COS: new BEES are training new bees-very dangerous. Most of us are sleeping on the floor.

my legal mail is being messed with. They are not letting us get proper library time. We don’t get enough rec time. Please help as much as you can. People need to know what is going on. Our streets will become more dangerous very soon if the DOC and our government  are not held responsible. Do not sit back and let that happen. All lives matter! Help us get our stories out and be heard- even write us. Keep in touch. Together we can change the world.

Robert Ward 515599; CCI , PO Box 900,Portage, WI 53901


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