Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ladell Evans and Joshua berrios latest strikers

LaDell Evans

Joshua Berrios 577319

LaDell Evans 533468 and Joshua Berrios 577319 , (WCI PO Box 351, Waupun WI 53963)started their strike on August 22, 2016

Mr LaDell A Evans 533468;
WCI, PO box351
Waupun. WI 53963

August 23, 2016 

My name is LaDell, but I go by Prometheus .I am 22 years old and 4years into a 13 year conviction. I am on hunger strike because I want the world to take notice of the grievance of:

The Prisoners of Waupun Corr. Inst

I have started my hunger strike on August 22nd,2016 and will not stop until my demands of justice are met.

                                                                            Demands of Justice:

1# Officers be held accountable for their unprofessional behavior (e.g. sexual assault of inmates, battery to inmates, psychological torture of inmates)

2#Inmates receive equal pay for equal work and the prison disbands the slave wage system. Inmates currently are paid between 12cents and39 cents average.

3#Psychological service helps inmates who really have mental health problems.

4# The prison lives up to its mission statement to: Rehabilitate the reintegrate.

5#HSUprovides service to inmates before serious harm comes to the inmate.

6#The unbanning of publications restricted by the prison that are NOT against US or state law.

7#Permission for inmates to start legit businesses while in prison without getting charged for enterprising and fraud.

8#Access to the internet and media as is the 1stamendment of the US Constitution.

9# More religious services and services provided to inmates in segregation.

10#Un crowd Prisons in Wisconsin. Until these demands are met I shall not be deterred.


An insult to one person is an insult to all people and we shall not stand for this insult

Respectfully submitted:
LaDell A Evans 

Note from LaDell on Joshua Berrios 577319; WCI PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

“Joshua Berrios was taken off Hunger strike but is going back on it with me, They had refused to court order tube feeding and is skin turned bright yellow-like the Simpsons!”


LaDell A Evans 533468 WCI

Nov 29th

In regards to previous letters, I am filing suit against 4 correctional officers of the DCO for violating my 8th amendment rights. On February 22, 2014 at approximately 9:45 a.m. I told an officer I was not in a right state of mind>This officer took me as a joke and left me to deal with my problems alone> After one more attempt at relieving help I began to smash my head into the wall and the window of my door for about 20 minutes. Correction officers finally came and removed me from my segregation cell and placed me in a strip cell where I spoke to a supervisor about how I was feeling and asked to speak to PSU or psychological service unit. The supervisor left and after about 30 minutes I was told by correctional offers that I was being taken back to my seg cell. I told the officers I can’t go back to t hat cell. I can’t stop thinking of ways to hurt myself and if they take me back in there I would self harm in any way I could achieve. They ignored my plea and escorted me back to my cell in segregation. I broke my glasses and made a sharp point out of a bow. I began to dig in the wound I made to my forehead when I smashed it against the wall and door window. To say less, I was pulled from my cell twice, not allowed to speak to PSU or PSU and wasn’t placed in obs, observation status until 2:15 pm. That’s 4 hours and 30 minutes from when this all began.

To all who are concerned with what goes on in Waupun and maybe other prisons in the state of Wisconsin: Justin w , Bobby C., Glenn C., Kevin L-these are just a few inmates I know who have mental illnesses and are not receiving proper help that they need. I , myself am a MH-2B which means I have serious mental illness and instead of helping us they stick u s in segregation with outrageous out dates. At the time of this writing ( Nov 29th) I have been incarcerated for 852 days. Out of that I’ve been in seg for 550 days,  that is like 64-65% of my prison time. Only one of the charges was serious, a fight. Each day we sit here in segregation, the more we are mentally tortured, verbally provoked and physically assaulted>sometimes I hear Justin speak about how this seg stuff is BS and he even told me he is seriously contemplating going back to cutting again. Bobby C just cut his inner elbow open and a sergeant named “sanke”---told him he didn’t care. He left Bobby C in his cell bleeding slowly all night. Kevin L just over dozed on “trazadone” pills yesterday and instead of helping him they left him nearly unconscious on the floor of his cell for more than 2 hours. Segregation is to be used for punishment and a  place for inmates to think of their wrong behavior. As I am writing this a correctional officer is antagonizing Bobby C by smacking his keys on his door and continuously calling his name. I just got up and told him to leave Bobby alone and he came to my door and said “this has nothing to do with you.” before leaving the unit

I was told to write you and ask if I can become a part of the class action you are doing for “misused of segregation for mentally ill inmates>Until next we write, thank you for your help!


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