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Rally set for Saturday, August 13th

RALLY set for Saturday, August 13th
Cesar DeLeon being tube fed, Called torture by the AMA -see full article here:

  We are asking that force feeding be stopped, that Strikers be given water and that abusive Sgt Beahm be fired . In solidarity with WISDOM who is collecting bottled water to donate to Prisoners in WCI and FLCI, We are delivering the bottled water.

We will meet up outside of the city of Waupun by 3:30 (location TBD) and all arrive downtown together.

We will have speakers and a rally starting at the public library parking lot across from the .

We will march around the prison, staying on sidewalks for safety, waving banners and signs, and chanting. We hope that prisoners will be able to hear us over the 20 foot wall surrounding the facility. Chance (who did time there) says the prisoners will not be able to see us because of the wall.

We will bring the water donated by WISDOM members to the gates and ask them to give it to the prisoners. If they do not accept it, or convince us that they will actually give it to the prisoners rather than throwing it in a landfill, we will instead give the water to a friend who is organizing community defense and safety patrols in the Sherman Park Neighborhood to give to kids in the park on hot days.


You are invited to an important event: Thirsting for Justice
Thursday, August 11
6:00 to 8:00 pm
St. Francis Catholic Church, 1928 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, WI

The event will call attention to the multiple systems problems in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, highlighting the poor, perhaps dangerous quality of the water in some older Wisconsin prisons. 

Besides the problem of Contaminated Water, you will hear explanations and first-person testimonials about:

Excessive Crimeless Revocations, resulting in thousands of prison admissions each year for people who have not been convicted (or in many cases charged) with a crime;

  • Lack of Compassionate Release for elderly and seriously ill inmates;
  • A broken Parole System, keeping many long-term parole eligible people in prison far beyond the time envisioned by the judges who sentenced them in the last century;
  • Excessive use of Solitary Confinement.

Those who attend are invited to bring packs or cases of bottled water.  These will be loaded on a truck and delivered to Fox Lake Correctional Institution.  Fox Lake has a troubled history with contaminated water, and WISDOM members hope the donation will not only give prisoners and staff clean drinking water for a part of the summer, but will also serve as a sign that people on the “outside” remember and care about those on the “inside.” 

Please join us on August 11 to learn and to join our voices in a call to reform a very troubled Corrections system.

  • While you are at it, mark your calendar for September 21 when SOPHIA and EXPO will sponsor a forum on Criminal Justice at the New Berlin Public Library, 7-8:30 p.m.


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