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Wisconsin watch intro and explanations- this is the outlet of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting. Their reporter Dee Hall has done and excellent job of covering the prisoner's campaign to end solitary torture and the protests and support of the public.
Here are the original demands of the food refusers
And Just what is this "administrative confinement (A/C)" and how does it differ from "segregation"?
In August, the prison tries a new even more dangerous tactic- force feed every 72 hours- just at the point of death while refusing water:

Cesar DeLeon undergoing force feeding
Cesar DeLeon
For the last couple months communication has been interrupted and our main source to information is letters from and visits to Cesar De Leon. The first post is a profile and letter from his mother:
this third post is letter from Cesar and one from LaRon McKinley, anther important participant

LaRon McKinley has been on Administrative confinement for over 27 years. He is now at the Wisconsin Recourse Center(WRC) where he is getting programs that will prepare him to go to general population in anther state. This is a major breakthrough for him , a long sufferer, and the one bright spot so far. Again the first one is a profile and background.
LaRon McKinley now heading for GP in another state

Norman Green

 Norman Green, Or Ras AtmRaUhuru mutawakkil ,
"Uhuru" to his friends
  An AC for more than 18 years, Uhuru is a natural leader and this writer considers him a visionary. He was a force behind the food refusal and before it stared, the prison moved him to a different prison From WCI to CCI. HE underwent one force feeding and then suspended his strike in order to file suit in the courts to get the force feeding stopped. Here is his petition to the courts: 
Here is post with more explanations of the writ.

And he has written a template letter to be send to the US district Attorney before the next president takes office .Please consider printing this out ,signing and mailing:
Below "Recognizing false Dawns"when the DOC published seg guidelines last year, Uhuru knew that without the courts or leigslature they would not last long. As soon as public attention landed on something else, the new policies were abandoned. surviving-long.html- this is advice to follow long term solitary survivors

Penpals and encouraging letters
To help with this: Stranded Friends Blog
                                Three ways you can help: 
What the rest of the world says
click here for UN reports, expert opinions on solitary, supreme court statements and studies of numerous organizations, articles etc. /
Thomas Deering
LaRon McKinley
Joshua Scolman
Robert Ward 515599
William Ledford
Shirell Watkins
Rashun Woods
Jordan Cosby
Zachary Krivitz
older reports check
Letter from Howard Brown describing GBCI hunger strike:

Grievances of GBCI hunger strikers:

Letter from LaRon McKinley-Bey describing tampering with video evidence:

Letter from Robert Ward about hunger strikes at Columbia CI

Leonte Porter complaint:

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