Monday, December 26, 2016


The Wisconsin DOC neither keeps its citizens safe nor rehabilitates is prisoners. In our view- the root causes of this dysfunction are: loss of mission and overcrowding

The Truth In Sentencing(TIS hereafter) prisoners, those with convictions after 1999, have no effective treatment of training and are shoved out to the streets usually much worse off emotionally than when they came , At the same time the DOC holds on to the older  parole eligible prisoners (Old Law or OL hereafter)with the manacles of a dinosaur protecting its jewels. All these OL prisoners are over 30,  many who have college degrees and all have have had training and treatment available before TIS landed in WI. The third factor for overcrowding is that we send parolees back to prison for rule violations- no crimes committed, instead they violated a rule, like missing an appointment. SO we hold on to those that are ready to be back with their families and we release those that most need treatment and education.
    A further look at the no parole/revocation problem , click here/charts and history of how this bottleneck happened
    Parole rules we propose/


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