Wednesday, October 10, 2018

COLORADO Does it right

Here is a template for us- brought to us by our own former DOC Secretary Rick Raemisch-he left WI DOC to help make a humane and effective system in Colorado and now is trying to spread the word.

 Dee Hall of the Wisconsinwatch article says it best:
             their website:

                Here is the article on downloadable pdf:

A good picture of what is happening in Colorado is this chart showing drop in use of Solitary confinement:

Also they have a very transparent website with all the rules followed. Here are a few we should use as models:
  \CO rules to study for what we can use:


this is what they have for really dangerous prisoners

2)scope of mental health services:

3)scope of health services:

Prison Rape Elimination Act (Prea): in Wisconsin prisoners say PREA is a joke. In CO it works.

5) this is complex- one WI prisoner suggested we bring back the federal ombudsman program. Good idea.

And here is the second arm of our solutions proposal: A mental health treatment center as was mandated in Flynn V Doyle lawsuit and which brought the TCI prison( women's) a mental health center. Here is what it looks like:

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