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Update and most recent letters from strikers

 URGENTLY NEEDED : Calls and letters to Green Bay  calling them on abuse and neglect of inmates  and letters of encouragement to Just Lee Douglas and Daniel Dirk - both below. Here is latest letter from Justin> Scroll down for profile:

Green Bay Correctional phone:920-324-4877

   Two issues are energizing prisoners. For those in WI horrific solitary conditions-it's the possibility that they might have a changing the horrific conditions.

note:We are trying to find penpals for strikers and people on long term solitary confinement. You can use FFUP address for your return address if you wish, Just make sure I have your real address if you want a correspondence so I can forward mail. Here is a post with some prisoners needing a friend/nurturing note who are on hunger strike and/or in long term solitary:

Here are letters from strikers so far this month( last first)
PIRK, DANIEL P DOC: 00633088

Birth year: 1998
Age: 20
Gender: MALE
Weight: 178
Height: 6' 1"
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BLACK

       Supervised Living Facility
P.O. BOX 10
Please write a nurturing not to Daniel Dirk below.

Daniel Dirk 633088, GBCI, PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307
 born 1998, 18 years old; out date 6 2 17

On January 10th 2017, Justin Lee Douglas , an inmate in GBCI,  sent FFUP a notice about Daniel Dirk. Here are his words:” A guy by the name of Daniel Dirk, 633088 his wrist with a nail clippers! He was on a hunger strike for four meals  already and wasn’t talking to staff and CO Johnson still gave him a finger nail clippers and when she came to pick them up he refused to give them up and stated to her that he was going to use them to kill herself and she stated “no you won’t” and “I don’t care , keep them” and over an hour and a half later while rec was coming in an inmate saw inmate Dirk’s cell window covered in blood and inmate Dirk passed out in a very big puddle of blood and the sgt came to his cell and wasted 10 minutes trying to get inmate Dirk to respond before calling HSU or a supervisor up to seg and over 30 minutes for the ambulance to be called! The staff don’t do any kinds of counts during the day and then never take any inmates seriously when they proclaim that they’re Suicidal!
Justin Lee Douglas  and other inmates have gone on hunger strike- we are getting their info
The activist community is asked to mount a protest campaign and send mass mailings to all news outlets.

1)Justin Lee Douglas 322852, GBCI Po Box 19033; Green Bay, WI 54307;  bd 1982, 24y.o. out date 2022

My name is Justin Lee Douglas #322852 and I’m a 34 year old white male who is in prison in Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI).I’ve have a hernia for over 18 months and have been steadily denied adequate main medications! I’ve also been taken off all my anxiety medications and have been in segregation for 16 months and I’ already a mentally ill inmate (MH2B) and being in segregation is only making me worse! I’ll be going to NO FOOD NOT WATER hunger strike on January 8th, 2017 until I either die or I’m transferred out of GBCI! I Plead to all of you who read this to pray for me and send any cards or letters to emotionally support me in my time of need, so that I know I’m no alone  (A.K.A.the forgotten man) my ADDRESS is PO BOX 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307. Thank you very much for your support.
Justin's full letter here: a call for support and media from GBCI-

2)Adrian Leonte White 00537065 WCI ;bd 1992;out date 10 21 17

My name is Adrian Leonte White and this is my first time writing you and won’t be my last!  I’m writing you in regards to ”hunger strikers” and the “cruel and unusual punishment “ that goes on around her that never gets heard because people either are “too insane to understand” because of Medical abuse by psychiatrist or people being put on AC till they go literally insane. I ‘m going to start with me and my situations. I’m on hunger strike, it’s been almost one week. I’ve only been pulled out one time by Amy Gunderson, she do not work over in WCI full time no more. I’m on my strike because of the AC people and how they sexually abuse us and the list goes on. But I really need you to pass my name on to people who reach  out for the hunger strikers and all the newsletters Because the AC and other crap needs to stop.
I’m a 23 year old Black man, for the first time in my life, I’ve never seen no shit like this in my life of living! These COs are really in Waupun raping, lying to other inmates about what another inmate said about their crew just to get a fight started, stealing medications and taking them home. Putting their fingers in people’s assholes, not one time but 5 other times since I been here at WCI- letting the homosexuals have  sex with Cos and inmates.  The staff are now going around asking all the inmates if they are gay or bisexual. And now the business office is taking 50 % of people’s money. So now if you had a court order that 50% be taking away for you, now 50% more is taken away and that’s 100%. Its crazy because some inmates are going to court because some of us are court ordered only 25% under Act 355 I think. We have not been noted by authentic people, only Department of Corrections! Other Cos are going around saying:”We are going to break you mother fuckers down.”Waupun is a mess and the lady C0 who got stabbed was calling the inmate “fag “and other unprofessional things. I am a short timer, I go home in 10 months and I’m going to fight with you and other people to stop this insanity! I’m thinking about starting a TV and other property program because people can’t afford anything and the CO take action against that. They don’t want us to have shit! They Say we are “pigs and pigs get shit and eat it.”They make over 100 thousand dollars of food and feed us small amount. All of our food goes in the trash!
At end, asks to be connected to advocacy groups and lists of resources for free clothing etc

 3) Latest Letter From Cesar DeLeon:
Lucas Alan Dietsche , EXPO
Lucas,Revolutionary Greetings,
…Well as you can see I’m still alive and fighting.  I want to thank you for having my back during these revolutionary times.  I feel bless having all of your solidarity behind me.   Somehow my body is adopting to withstand the blow and water boarding-like torture techniques that the DOC is resorting to in order to silence and try to get me off my hunger strike.
                On Dec. 20, 2016 I had court-hearing to discuss the unethical torture techniques that the DOC re using against me... The prison doctor Dr. Jeffry Manslove, testified that the reason that I’m near death (near death comes every 2 to 4 days for me because my hunger strike includes fluids as well), was because “they were trying to get me eat.” Meaning that he is using the authority given to him by the court-order to feed and hydrate, “as a method of coercion” to try to end my will, rather than for its intended purpose of providing medical treatment to prevent injury and death from dehydration and starvation.
  Because I don’t know the law the DDOC and Judge took advantage of me and the Judge sided with the DOC and he, Judge Steven G. Bauer, told me that “if they kill me my only consultation would be that my family had grounds for civil claim gains the DOC.”
  This is a summary of what took place but to see the full version, you can see the court transcripts on line (?).  The case is WIS DOC vs Cesar DeLeon #322800;  Dodge County Case No. 16VC301            
And so now because the Judge gave the prison doctor the greenlight to conduct water boarding-like torture techniques against me, the DOC is now also using the same techniques on all Wis. Prisoners who are on Hunger strike…

My brother Lucas, we have to get the ACLU involved in overturning this decision or else the DOC is going to break everyone who is on hunger strike.  I’m staying strong because I’m well focused on my objective, but others may lack the commitment necessary to withstand the torture and harassment techniques…Besides the water boarding-like torture techniques the person officials have been performing other stress-assessment techniques.  Every time they extract me from my cell to do the daily evaluations (to determine whether I’m near death or not, to see if I”qualifty” for rehydration) the guards take this opportunity to use excessive force, and to ram-sack my cell.  They look for anything that would give me them an excuse to take my paper and clothes (right now I’m on a 10 day clothes restriction as we speak)
   This same tactic of rehydrating prisoners’ only when they’re near death, was also used the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  A lot of them, as a result of being subjected through that technique developed a serious medical condition known as Rehydrating Syndrome.  Maybe if you have the time or can find someone who has the time, you can do a little research on that and find the case that heard in court’s well as the motion filed to stop the government from torturing the prisoners.  This just in case the ACLU don’t want to get involved than I can use these motions to file them in court myself and try my luck.
What I would really, really, love it would be if we can open up a “Fund Me Page” for anything related to this hunger strike.  Because unfortunately no attorney wants to do anything for free and without an attorney our struggle faces unnecessary difficulties that dissuade a lot of the prisoners form striking or getting involved.  Do you think you can discuss that with other comrades?

  Lucas I can’t leave this struggle half-way down the path.  In time like this you really get to know your strengths and what you are made of.  And I know I can handle this I’m strong and even stronger now thanks to all of you.  So let’s keep the fight against long term solitary confinement which is the DOC’s min source of power and control against prisoners.  If we can win this fight we are shifting the balance of power that influences the elemental environment forces of prison life.  Yes, this fight for the balance of power.
  You don’t have to come to Milwaukee to visit.  You can come to Waupun. Infact, if you cane to Waupun the visit would be longer (up to 2 hours).  At Milwaukee the visits are 20 minutes. My family does worry but spoke with them and we came to an agreement.  I will use my one phone call per week on them and they’ll make room for you and others to visit.  So we can take of business. 
What became of the extra project you were working on with the Communist Creative Writing Correspondence Curse?  Are you still working on that?  Educating the prisoners is the first step in getting them involved. It helps develop a sense of responsibility and idealism.  But like I said, it has to be real basic.  The majority of state prisoners are ignorant about these things.   They lack some basic education. 
So what were the end result and/or FBI’s report on the Lincoln Hills investigation?  The FBI should have had finished their John Doe investigation by now, right?  I don’t have my TV and radio the guards took them because I have refusing to come out of my cell for the forced feeding evaluations. So I’m cut off from the news.
Well comrade I hope to hear from you soon in the meantime Ill carving the path for others to follow…
In struggle,Cesar

4)Late 2016 call for support from WCI

     Ms Swan, On December 1, 2016, the Department of Corrections was granted a one year order for involuntary evaluation, feeding and hydration of me. I have continuously refused to voluntarily consume any nutrition or hydration in protest of the constitutional violations here at Waupun
I      In addition to being deprived of minimal civilized measure of life’s necessities as described in “the nature of the hunger strike” that I submitted incase no 16-cv-572 as we are experiencing unrelenting and crushing mental anguish, pain and suffering as a result of the inadequate mental health treatment and many years that we have spent without normal human interaction, in stark and restrictive conditions, without any hope of release from this living nightmare that does not end and will not end.
      Ms Swan, the devastating psychological and physical effects of prolonged solitary confinement here at Waupun is well documented to cause mentally ill inmates significant mental harm and places them at grave risk of even more devastating future psychological harm.
      As evident of this, me and Mr Cesar DeLeon endure beatings every single day. Because we will not allow WCI officials to weaken and undermine us or break us , as they have claimed, we are causing problems by brainwashing other inmates to go on hunger strikes in support of the protest. Additionally, we were told, that if we continue ti not come out our cells to be forcibly feed or hydrated by WCI nursing staff we would be beaten, So we are beaten, tased or sprayed with substances that are capable of causing death, These agents affects your ability to breathe or see for long periods of time. Dr Salam U Syed recently testified that my health is still deteriorating and that my urine specific gravity show very large amounts of ketones and that my blood work for electrolytes are not normal which could cause metabolic acidosis, electrolyte imbalance, cardiac complications, coma and death.
     I believe these are scare tactics because if my gluconeogenesis(?)were in full effects by producing energy from non-conventional sources in my body, I would have been hospitalized already(if it were not in full effect?)

     These are the following prisoners at WCI who are on an active hunger strike:

Tommy Carter,Cesar DeLeon,Jose Soto ,Brion Nash, Walker, Redmond,Davis

          I am also placing you on notice that these people are fabricating these meal monitor logs claiming that we are eating in an attempt to get us off our strikes. It’s just another tactic they use. Please call up here to WCO and inquire about us see what they tell you. I believe another round of protest outside WCI should be done ASAP but this time turn the heat up

5)update on strike from Jose Soto
From letter BY Jose Soto 307830 WCI:The strikers.. I cannot truly give names and be accurate as I am on c- lower range with Cesar De Leon (I’ve known him since he was a kid) and there aren’t any other strikers on our range. I was force fed for a while, but came off die to famly issues , BUT I am assisting DeLeon on filing complaints to exhaust and sue. They do NOT monitor meals properly- they come @ lunch and mark down % ate at breakfast! Those on court order- the petition for some seems to be carbon copy, rubber stamping.WCI says NO negotiations for strikers-eat or not we don’t care- they are ONLY feeding us when our urine has ketones –or –we are nto well on assessment, so NO daily feeding. They say short nurses and too much work. Essentially we’re fed-lest roq- three days until ketones show up and fed again. I got DeLeon a court hearing and the judge told him the DOC is not violating law or his constitutional rights.
 6)The One bright Spot, three letters from LaRon McKinley, doing well, will soon be in general population in another state after 27 plus years in Solitary!!
LaRon is sill going forward with his lawsuit demanding and end to long term solitary. Here are his demands for us to carry forward:
7) Hunger striker from general population:

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