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prisoners on AC-a compilation start

 Administrative Confinement Prisoners 
  these are prisoners who spend years in solitary, sometime decades- often for what seems like arbitrary reasons.
Prisoners on AC in Green Bay Correctional

Luis C Granados 488849;
GBCI  PO Box 1903
Green Bay, WI 54307

Affidavit here:

Diagnoses MH 2: with several illnesses including Bi Polar. He has requested treatment and programming and has received none. has exhausted remedies.
Luis C Granados  born :1991.  To be released without treatment or training  :6 16 17

Click to read affidavit and letter:

Jovan Willams #575056; GBCI
Jovan Williams 575056 GBCI; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, 19033
Born 1993; Out date 10 17 27

Prisoners AC in WSPF
 FFUP is looking into reports of an increasing number of transfers to AC at WSPF, often of the mentally ill who have their diagnoses conveniently changed to be the least serious . The seriously mentally ill are legally banned from WSPF. We believe this draconian procedure is a response to serious overcrowding in other WI prisons. there is always room at WSPF.

Robert Ward 515599 WSPF , PO BOX 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805

Robert Ward is 26 y.o.. mentally ill and struggling hard to make it through his time in solitary. He will be released in 2018 and needs desperately to make contacts now that will help him make a healthy transition to the free world. he is recieving no training or programming,  he has no tv or radio. and like the rest of AC prisoners , sleep is rare as the mats are hard, the lights are on 24/7, and they report that the food rations get ever smaller. AC prisoners are always hungry.
He is upbeat and intends to make it- Would be much helped if he could have a corresponding friend.
see his longer post here:"to all that will listen"

most recent addition:Robert Ward's latest submission:

 view Robert's penpal intro in PDF form

below as picture:
Robert Ward's introduction asking for a penpal

Andres L Tinnon 306887 WSPF PO Box 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805

I am interested in helping you and others understand what prisoners go through day in and out. Currently I am serving a “Life” sentence and I have been in solitary confinement for a total of 5 years. For allegedly breaking rule violations- basically i could have easily did seg time, and went to (G.P) general population. I was then told I was on AC due to my murder case supposedly because the media made it look like I was a cold blooded killer. And I don’t agree with that because I didn’t kill anybody I basically took the case to save my ex-girlfriend and uncle from going to penitentiary and the person was no kin to me. But at this time I am appealing the matter as of now. But I say all that to say this –that’s the real reason i’am on AC. Also the victim worked at (H.O.C.) House of Corrections outside of Milwaukee, that’s 30 minutes from Milwaukee from Franklin. But yeah, i’am yellow phase at this time, and after that I will be Green Phase, and have a total of 7 months to return to G.P. So that’s my outlook upon seg. In next letter I will write more. The pleasure was all mines !
 Sincerely, Mr Andre Tinnon.
Ps I am enclosing paper work proof to what I spoke of on today >
rules of AC hearing:
Here is  Andre's Appeal of AC confinement:
His DOC profile:
Andre's introduction handwritten:

Jarvis Gordon Jarvis Gordon 551848
WSPF PO Box 9900. Boscobel, WI 53805

Typed from February 1st letter
I don’t know why they put me on AC because I was in Green Bay and they told me I would be getting out of seg september 19th 2016 but in August of 2016 they put me on AC when I was going to get out of seg Boscobel put me on. And don’t want to take me off. But on the support (my question-do you have any support for after you are released?)- not really and right now it’s looking like I will be released to Kenosha County. Can you help me get a house before I get out. If I can I would like to keep you up to date? August 5th I got to Boscobel – I was 19 when they put me on and I been down from February 2013 and have not got one program given me. You do what you want with this.

Jarvis Gordon letter

Dion Matthews 254399 WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel WI 53805

Dion Mathews AC statement

“I’ve been housed at WSPF since 2006, and from that time until now I’ve spent mainly ten of those years in solitary confinement .I was in g.p. in 2015m and was out back on solitary confinement that same year. I was put back essentially for writing a letters to the warden here, and administrative staff requesting more opportunities for prisoners here. Those requests were written respectfully, polite and honestly.
After viewing this request apparently officials at this institution decided that they needed to write me a conduct report stating that I was a “gang member” and I’m writing this administration “demanding changes”. The conduct report stated that in my proposal I wrote “we ask,” and “we propose” and that meant to this administration that I was “demanding things.”
That interpretation was quote preposterous indeed. Enclosed is one of the letters I sent to the warden and there you can see how respectful my writings tend to be. This case is currently in front of the US District Court Western District of Wisconsin, and documents can be accessed through the courts electronic filing system at Dion Matthews V lebbens Brown 16cv 650. Needless to say, the psychological and physical effects of long term solitary confinement is devastating especially in the situation when no kind of legitimates interest existed or exists. This is just punishment for punishment’s sake"
Dion Mathews 254399 WSPF

Dion Matthews story and letter to warden:
Dion Matthews DOC profile:

Alvin Tubbs 480890; WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805
Alvin Tubbs:
transcribed below
My name is Alvin Tubbs.DOB is 10-8-83. I am Born and Raise on the South side of Chicago. I came up to Wisconsin at the end of 2004 to Madison>I took over the whole city by selling crack cocaine at Chicago prices than I went to Tomah and the City of Black River Falls and took over those cities by selling Crack also .In June of 06 the feds locked up 34 people in a drug ring an charged me with being BOSS of IT and put us on every news channel and newspaper. I was sentence 20 years in prison, Yes the prison system is much different from IL system which I been in three times. Yes, it has been hard for me to cope in WI system because 90 percent of the inmates are snitches and sex offenders or don’t like people from Chicago.

This is a different world form what I came from I have been to seg 4 times for fighting. My last fight was 2014 may, I have been on A/C since 2-20-15 and I have done with great conduct three programs since I been on A/C .I have only caught one major conduct report – I should of been off A/C.I seen them people off A/C that has caught conduct reports and has not done one program. But because I ‘m from Chicago and inmates has drop kites on me telling lies they don’t want to let me off Ac. I am now in the HROP program .
 My out date is next year. I have should been in a med prison, so I can get used to being around people and help adapt back to society..But my mind is strong , my family in Chicago has support thru these hard times .i have educated myself in many ways. I have also wrote URBAN Books about Chicago, The first one is typed and edited and I am trying to get it on E=Books. I am also looking for a good woman to cater to as my queen when I come home next year. And I am interested in any help I can get. I don’t need any any I have my own. If ya’ll have questions, please let me know and thank you.

Bobby Kimble

 Bobby Kimble 164788, WSPF
Bobby Kimble: has all document including HROP (High risk offender)program timeline

story transcribed below
I decide to write you because I do have a story to tell, not only do I have a story ,but I also worked in solitary confinement for 61/2 years on and off at the WCI. I worked inside restrictive housing unit North Program and North transition which are both located in the North cell Hall at Waupun. I also worked in the infamous Waupun segregation unit, I was a swamper there. During my time as swamper, I used to deal with the entire solitary population at WCI and in transition I used to interact with those who would be long or short term confinement. Some would be transferred for other segregation units like WSPF , GBCI, CCI etc and I even dealt with guys who would come from the Wisconsin  Resource Center. So from 2002 -2015 I was either around or working around or inside segregation. I have enclosed some correspondence , a rough draft copy of what I once sent the DOC administration concerning my plight. With you, I will share what happened to me and how I ended up in my current situation.
Back in late 2014 or early 2015, I was called up to a Waupun Administrative Captain’s office regarding some false allegations by an inmate who said I had said some false things about a guard. So soon after I left the security office word got back to the guard and some harassment followed. My character was assassinated by them going on a staff computer and them providing some confidential information pertaining to my past and then sharing the private past criminal conviction with some inmates. Soon after, I was being talked about by a lot of inmates. So basically like a fool I confronted one of the guards inside Waupun segregation init where I was working. I am now facing attempted homicide battery from the incident. I will be getting sentenced on March 17th, 2017. 10 am in Dodge county and the supposed sentence I am supposed to receive is 15 years concurrent to my already existing sentence which is natural life. The DA form Doge Kurt and Limberly and my attorney Greg Vollan have had discussions about issues that had been going on for a very long time at Waupun Facility. I have records that provide facts to my being harassed up there but unfortunately, I reacted and go myself in this jam. The DA from Dodge county never has initiated a John Doe probe on all that stuff form Waupun. I do know that the warden and deputy warden were reassigned to other facilities after the incident with me on 10/30/ 2015. The old Warden went to Dodge correctional and deputy warden was reassigned to CCI, these changes occurred after the incident with me as told to me by my attorney, there were charges initiated by the head of DOC. I take full responsibility for my actions. I don’t have a lot of prior misconduct in the 19 years of incarceration and before my 2015 Waupun incident; my last conduct repost was 11 or 12 years prior to that. I was a model prisoner and as such was allowed to work any job in Waupun. I have been in solitary since 10’30/2015, 8 months at DS-2 at CCI, RHU and 8 months here at WSPF.I have no other misconduct since the 10/30/15 incident. I didn’t attempt to homicide anyone, I shouldn’t of confronted anyone though.
Currently I am in this Behavior Modification Program which I am providing you a copy of it’s policy derective which has been promulgated and described to last for 12 months, I have been in the program since 7/25/16 so when I get sentenced in March 2017, I will be in the program for 8 months. I assume that I will then soon after the resolution of my case, be reviewed to go to the last phase of the HROP. If I am then advanced to phase green of the HROP , this phase is described to last up to 7 months, so a 12 month program which is described to last 12 months based on positive behavior and program completion does not apply to e because although I’ve done everything correctly ad positively, I will be in the HROP past the 12 months. The length of the HROP was changed by top administrators of DOC from 18 months down to 12  months(describes enclose inserts which will be posted soon)

Jamie Vest 314828 WSPF; PO BOX 9900;Boscobel, wi 53805

story :Jamie Vest:
                                                         transcribed below:

I hope you receive his letter in the best of health and spirits. For me, I am well, because I understand that the ways of life are forever and always uneven, but not always painful. I received your informational paper and am promptly replying.
Firstly, you CAN post my story and you CAN use my name; I am not sure what story you want so I  will just tell you how I got on AC this time, as a result of a concerted effort by WSPF staff after I was released from AC in 2010( 2004 to 2010)
In 2004, I was in New Lisbon (NLCI) and subsequently, due to fighting with correctional officers, I was transferred to WPSF on Nov. 12, 2004, and was ultimately subjected to AC until September 2010. During his time, the conditions on which endured was at least medieval torture-sensory deprivation, intimidation, seeing staff wear hats that said “nigger” on them. This led me to a state of ant-social behavior. When I was released from A/C in 2010,I remained in WSPF Pseudo general population until February, 2011, when I was transferred to GBCO. Upon arrival at GBCI, the suppression continued. I was given numerous restrictions .I was not allowed schooling, a job, and was taken to the security area and spoken to by then security Director Peter Erickson, LT Swiekatowski and Sgt Van Laanen who told me that they don’t like that I’m of A?C and don’t like that I’m in GBCI and the first chance they get, they are putting me back n AC, I ultimately was forced back to WSPF on a lateral security transfer in November 2013 facilitated by Peter Erickson. In may, 2016, I had a fight with another prisoner and within ten minutes of being in segregation, Captains Gardner and Brown told me they were putting me on AC, even though I had not had a major conduct report since 2012> To further show concerted oppression, captain Brown, who was the one who “officially” recommended my placement on AC, is now the one who controls the HROP, and who gets into it, ultimately how long you will stay on AC. They have told me I will star at WPSF on A/C until I am released from prison in 2013.

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