Saturday, February 25, 2017

WCI Segregation and Complaint System

Jose Gonzalez

Waupun Correctional Institution
200 S. Madison St
P0 BOX 351
Waupun,Wl 53963
Phone: (920) 324-5571
Fax: (920) 324-7250
Warden- Brian Foster Brian.

November 18th 2016
W.C.I. Segregation and Complaint System
To Whom It May Concern,
Upon entering seg you are placed in a dirty strip cage and made to strip naked to be optically searched, then you are given seg clothes. These clothes are typically worn out and have holes in them and a really worn out pair of orange shoes made of rubber. Then you are handcuffed with cuffs that are not cleaned between uses, if at all, and escorted to A or B range and placed in a cell that has probably never been scrubbed. I personally have scrubbed the walls of all 9 seg cells I have ever been in and each time I have scrubbed blood, spit, food, sweat, dirt, semen, urine and fecal matter from the walls. The mattresses are so worn that it feels like you are sleeping on cement. This is due to the fact that they do not replace the mattresses annually like they are supposed to. They tell us inmates that it is our responsibility to write a request a new one, but most of these men do not know how, and no one is willing to tell them. This prison's officials use loop hole in the system to continue to keep us in seg for as long as possible. They do so by misusing the 21 day time limit for temporary lock up. They are supposed to use the 21 days to hear the ticket, decide on punishment, and move forward. The staff as WCI consistently holds inmates for 21 days when the ticket has already been written, they just wait to go on a hearing. At WCI they also frequently go over the 21 day TLU limit, without taking an extension, or telling the inmates why they are being held over. All of the seg time limits were just lowered by Madison so that inmates spend less time in seg, because inmates that spend too much time in seg become mentally unstable, and less likely to function in general population.
When the staff at WCI manipulates the system it causes an unsafe environment for inmates and staff alike. Most of these men refuses to follow the rules outlined for them, when the prison officials do not follow their own rules, and receive no consequence for it. It breeds a hate culture where there is no respect, and that is dangerous. There are currently many inmates in seg at WCI who have gone on hunger strikes in an attempt to change their situation. As you read this there are two men getting tubes forced down their nose filled with liquid nutrition twice a day, so that WCI can keep them alive to avoid a lawsuit.
Many people, including the staff at this institution, ask why the inmates don't use the complaint system that is in place. The answer is simple; it is impossible for us to get justice
here. Many complaints get ignored for weeks, or we get sent a response like "we are doing everything we can". The inmate complaint examiner at WCI is friends with many of the staff here, in some cases related to some. How am I supposed to get a fair and unbiased trial? The nepotism in this prison makes it impossible for us to get impartial treatment. The inmate complaint examiner should be set up in a separate division from Madison, so that the person reviewing our complaints isn't the same person who goes out drinking with the CO that the complaint is about. It is the only way inmates can have hope that they will receive help and unbiased treatment. I have outlined many different problem and solution scenarios, and I will send them all separately as to not take up too much of your time. I felt it was prudent to see if you respond or help us with these issues before sending you something you might not want anything to do with.
I thank you for your time and help. Jose Gonzalez

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