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Restitution fiasco-templates you can use

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RGCI prisoners have filed and injunction which will help all if it wins.
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below are links to John Doe petitions you can use individually or in groups. The names appropriate to  you prison need to be inserted instead of the ones here.

This is not a lawsuit. We have no lawyers, we have fine prisoner litigators who know prison law well. A John Doe petition is something ANY citizen can submit asking for an investigation. I can collect complaints BUT someone else should submit this time.  Here are three different john Doe petitions. All three can be filed by individuals or as a group. The third one went in last month- no response yet.
contact FFUP

            Read instructions, then  click on the links and download PDF file which you can use as template for your won complaint

1)Tony Merriweather offers template individuals can use to recover their own funds or can be combined with others.
his explanation:"this is a copy of the "John Doe Criminal Complaint', that I did concerning the WDOC, arbitrary taking of inmates money at 50% as well as taking money that inmates have already paid for the court order restitution, crime victim and witness surcharge etc.
The John Doe Complaint is 11 pages, plus the Exhibit # Al
of the October 3, 2016, Memo from Jim Schwochert-Administrator,

You can send this to inmates that do not know how to draft up, their own. However, they will need to white out, the defendant "Ann Wuest", (Unless they are here at RGCI), and replace her name with whoever the "Financial Program Supervisor", is at their institution, for example inmates at "CCI" would replace her name and add"S. Culbertson", in her place, because she is the Financial Supervisor at CCI.
Everything else is simple fill in the blank, as I have written. However, they should attach a copy of Exhibit# A, along with any other memo's, or Trust Account Statements that show the
arbitrary deductions, or any proof that the debts have already been paid or that they are making 50% deductions, instead of 25% deductions etc"

John doe complaint template one:

exhibit for John Doe complaint one:

2) Nate Lindell's Second Offering(he did the original complaint already sent in): Sentence modification-please read instructions on first page.

motion to modify sentence: by Nate Lindell:

3) WHAT was submitted last month to the Dane County Court . The John Doe motion was written by Nate Lindell. We have heard nothing yet.

John Doe request- 

exhibits 1 and 2: 

22 inmate complaints:    



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