Wednesday, April 5, 2017

mind control in our prisons?

Through the years FFUP has got much mail on this subject and I have tried to advocate a few times on behalf on inmates that thought they were being victimized by such a program. I know the system set up to control the thinking of both prisoners and staff, I read the essays on what is going on to demoralize and bestialize prisoners and I see it is truly happening. From where comes the orders and whether this is a product of an absent public or concerted effort on the part of authorities is a question.

Below is a list of techniques used in experimentation at Marion Federal Prison. Everyone with a friend or loved one in prison today, knows these techniques well. Full article is in the link below, about the third article, and at bottom are links to entire mind control treatise.

From: “Breaking Men’s Minds: Behavior Control and Human Experimentation at the Federal Prison in Marion ILL”
Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Vol.4 No.2 (1993)

Dr. Schein then provided the group with a list of specific examples-
 Physical removal of prisoners from areas sufficiently isolated to effectively break or seriously weaken close emotional ties.
Segregation of all natural leaders.
Use of cooperative prisoners as leaders.
Prohibition of group activities not in line with brainwashing objectives.
Spying on prisoners and reporting back private material.
Tricking men into written statements which are then showed to others.
Exploitation of opportunists and informers. 'Convincing prisoners that they can trust no one.
Treating those who are willing to collaborate in far more lenient ways than those who are not.
Punishing those who show uncooperative attitudes. Systematic withholding of mail.
Preventing contact with anyone non-sympathetic to the method of treatment and regimen. of the captive populace.
Disorganization of all group standards among prisoners.
Building a group conviction among the prisoners that they have been abandoned by and totally isolated from their social order.
Undermining of all emotional supports.
Preventing prisoners from writing home or to friends in the community regarding the conditions of their

 Here are links to intro and exhibits and personal story

exhibits 2:
Case of writer, Cesar Deleon
Aztec connection/myth

FFUP is here just helping a few inmates connect with the outside and possibly get help in investigating this issue . I am dealing with so much abuse out and aloud that I can only provide a few drops of help.

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