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Can You Hear Me Now?

Solitary prisoners introduce themselves   
     Wisconsin deals with its overcrowding and lack of programs with solitary confinement. Solitary for more than 15 days is widely recognized as torture and many states have and are dramatically reducing their use of solitary, yet in WI its use and abuse is ever increasing. 
     I have worked closely with people stuck in solitary, always trying to help them cope well with their situations while doing all possible to advocate for individual prisoners while ending overuse of solitary. There was excellent media coverage in 2014 of ongoing abuse in the seg units in Waupun Correctional Inst. and concerted and well covered hunger strikes in 2016.  One would think big changes would have"arrived." instead the, DOC learned it only has to do a little dance for a few weeks( recommended rule changes, new guidelines and give promises) and everyone declares victory and goes on to other issues. Leaving the prisoners to suffer retaliation and harsher treatment and less openness. ALL guideline, promised rules and were history within 6 months  and the guard named most in the WCI assault articles, now heads that unit.  A final insult is that access to the courts for solitary prisoners has become harder . Suicide attempts in our solitary units are common, the successful rate is way up from a few years ago ( from 2 per year to 12 last year).Ben Turk, FFUP's new outreach worker, has a written a preliminary report using data gleaned from open records requests and DOC data. He discusses, unlike the current myth, there has been an increase in Guard hiring with a  dramatic decrease in number of professional staff. The lack of therapists is particularly harmful for prisoners.( link to report coming)

In order to give prisoners a healthy way to vent their frustrations, fears  and rage, we have started this email newsletter project-  And the big hope is that in seeing the humanity of these folks, you readers will help us get real change. If you want to take the plunge and write one of these prisoners, we do offer forwarding service- you need not give your address, you give FFUP's. And you can always email e with questions/

Below are introductions to  the prisoners who are participating in this project- they are asked to write an introduction to themselves. I post part of that intro on the post and you click to read more and more of this post and others they have written.
Michael Pietila

Introducing Heathen ( AKA Michael Scott Pietila #377076)

    A good friend who is also an advocate for my rights along with many others felt some would appreciate my thoughts, feelings and understanding as a blog. I’ll honestly say I had and have, no idea anyone valued myself to such an extent. I guess we’ll see as this blog progresses. I’ve never read a blog, never wrote a blog, as a matter of fact the technology revolution of the 2000’s I happened to miss on my first bid. I did 101/2 years for an Armed Robbery and a couple burglaries. Yes, I am a “violent” criminal who lives by a code of conduct, morals and principals that are foreign to most society.

     On the flip side, Society is an alien environment to me and many like me. I’m not against punishment for those of us who break the law. On the contrary, I believe some of us deserve the punishment meted out by the courts. But there are some exceptions to the punishments that I believe deserving of alterations or transformations. It is ridiculous to believe that just housing us and throwing outdated and ineffectual programs and schooling at us while the DOC employees continue with their general outlooks that we are wayward children or even animals that they need to subdue and break is going to rehabilitate us, I’ll also speak out against the medieval psychological and psychiatric services for us who do suffer from mental illnesses. I am diagnosed as bipolar I, PTSD, paranoid personality and major depressive disorder. At times I’m in such a manic state ( such as this mild mania that is allowing me to pen this introduction) that I cannot get enough done. I know I need to seize these opportunities because in between my ‘manic episodes” I suffer debilitating depressive states where I’m like a robot going through the motions of existence  and let me travel deeper to my lowest levels of depression and I may end up in the hospital getting stitched up from my latest artistry with a razor blade. 

       ON occasion I get too excitable and something may trigger my paranoid delusions or full blown psychosis where I believe everyone in the world can hear my thought, can communicate with me in depth and detail with a look or body language or that I’m being housed in a prion where all the employees are cannibals who want to suit up on us, spray us, with the SC can to spice up the meat, rape us to tenderize our meat and eventually kill us, then feed us to each other and eat us themselves. Yeah that’s the short version of the story. I also happen to be a muslim of the Caucasian persuasion which I’m pretty sure isn’t trending in the current societal circles. I’m not a very good muslim, but I am one and I’m proud of it despite the current vilification of my brethren by the American media and aristocracy. 

      I’m currently housed at Waupun Correctional Institution and with this drastic lack of corrections officers that they have her this seems to be the black hole of the WI department of Corrections. The lack of employees is compounded by the draconian way we are treated by many employees. Granted we as Inmates, prisoners and convicts ( very distinct differences) do not help ourselves with our macho posturing , selfish needs, or alien personalities but in the end WE ARE STILL HUMAN, just like all of you. What’s sad is I’m currently in segregation (restrictive housing unit) by choice and I’m not getting out anytime soon. They shut down the institution and cancel everything while feeding us in our cells when we already expected to live our lives”22-23 hours a day in a 3X3 cell with another inmate. I’m running out of steam for this blog. when inspiration strikes. I ‘ll be back.

                                                             I’M A HUMAN TOO!!

Nikolas Csysz

Hello, My name is Nikolas Csysz #453424. I have been incarcerated since 2005 for two murders I did not commit. During my 131/2 years of fighting to prove my innocence. I have been to the hole many times, and for many petty rule violations. As the ridiculousness becomes more apparent to me, I, of sound mind have only come to the hole more and more. I wrote this from the hole as we speak.
  During my many stays, conditions have gotten worse. I see the doubling up continuing, with guys on the floor. Also, if they put some guy in a bad mood in my room, the c/os first instinct is spray first ( with mace) and try to figure out what’s going on later. Meanwhile, I’m just sitting there getting sprayed even though I did nothing wrong, except for, once again, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I recently came down here, and got a rash on the first day. A month later, still am itching and the creme they give me does not work, but they (HSU) just shrug their shoulders and say,” there’s a lot of that going around.”  So they went to school to pass out crème and tell me I’m out of luck! “Don’t come to the hole” is their reply. I feel if we were dogs, PETA would have us shut down! But Alas, we’re just people.
I have been here for 1 month, and not once have I gotten any “markII (disinfectant).Instead they put only floor cleaner in a spray bottle. However, “cleaner”removes dirt, yes, but it has no disinfectant properties,  so, no wonder rashes ( and bugs) are rampant!
Is there room for a little more? Because the mental health “treatment” is only worse because it’s close to non-existent ( and a catch 22”) .
For instance..I have some family issues ( health) that weigh heavily on me. Putting me in a hole where I can’t use the phone for 30 days, causes my Grandparents (one caring for alzheimer) to drive out here, only to be rejected at the door ( because I couldn’t warn them my visiting hours changed).
So I’m more emotional and already feeling hopeless because I’m losing my appeal and my family , oh, and they throw me in the hole with nothing!. I have to wait a week or more to see a psychologist whose answer is “want some puzzles?”
And when I vent my frustrations, He gives me the “we have so many inmates, and we’re short staffed” line. So i just have to suffer because I’m not cutting myself? That’s the only way to get ‘attention” or care, but I am ot a cutter, so I suffer.
And if I catch them on a “round”,  that they are legally required to do, they tell me to “fill out a slip and maybe in 7-10 days I can see you.”Oh, okay, I’ll just put a pin in my issues until it’s a better time for you, that should fix me!
Or the famous “how about a packet on meditation?” so , their answer is give e some reading material. How about just give me the whole self book and I can just read it whenever I have a problem? Then , Taxpayers can stop paying “doctor” salaries for ‘Peer meditation ‘Work.. !
To sum up, I’ve been out on a list for my rash, and it’s been over a month. By the time I see someone, it will just “run it’s course.” Great treatment plan.
Like my case, I’ve been waiting for them to “get it right”, but, I suffer in the meantime and get further lost in a broken system. Sincerely and respectfully, Nik Czycz 453424

My Introduction from Being Up In Solitary So Long
Joe Turney 466457;CCI
PO Box 900, Portage,
WI 53901; BD 1981 (31Y.O.)
My name is Joe Turney 466457 Im housed at CCI
My Story- Ay- anyone is okay to write me

Everything I am about to tell you readers are things that I myself been through or witness  with my own two eyes but before I go any further let me say this:
        “if we the people let the DOC tell it, all the inmates are either over- exaggerating or lying”

I been in prison since 9 25-2013 and since I been locked down I been in solitary for at least five years. Alot of this have to do with my mentally ill issue. For years I have been a “MH-2A inmate” and for those of you that don’t know what that is,, it means my mental health code is very high and I need treatment . And out of nowhere just a few months ago CCI just drop everyone MH- code down to a “MH-1” so that the DOC-CCI can benefit from it. I was sent for WCI to CCI in 2017 and since I been here I been in solitary 22 months and on top of that I have been beaten by staff members, I myself have been dragged down the hallway naked. I had my head slammed in the doorway! I had staff put their fingers up in my butt, I been refused meds and refused mental health treatment. I been thrown in control because I told staff I wanted to kill myself! I have been put in a room for days, weeks , without any clothes to until i told staff I wasn’t going to try to kill myself. To this day i’m in seg-solitary in a building- they call it “DS-1” where they don’t give no inmates anything to drink with we can’t get milk we get chesse( cheese?) three times a day with our meals. We can’t get anything out our personal property but paper. No soap, no toothpaste, no hairfood for your hair, no deto , no shampoo. And on top of everything else their not even allowing us inmate to order it! But they call there self giving us little packets that only last 30 minutes to an hour. And were only allowed to use them once maybe twice a week max! Were getting feed on the floor which staff call a “lower trap”- all three meal tray come to us cold and not enough food on the tray. Were being refused phone calls to our family with nothing we can do about it! OH and please don’t let me talk to you people about the inmate complaint system they have here at CCI. Just let me say this its no winning with these people there never wrong-and its(.i.e.; the answer to any problem) always give them more time. And 99% of the chance one or two thing happen you’ll get in the mail( 99% of the time the response to your  complaint is:)-
1)a return to sender giving you the  run around
2) dismissal
CCI Institution Complaint Examiner: “let’s just say they take good care of their own.”
   One thing I have learned here about CCI its not such a thing as a cry for help! because they don’t give a damn about you! And I’m about to end this letter real soon but this is what’s messed up about the DOC –CCI the same people that we the inmate write up a complaint on 6 months or a year later are being promoted to Sgt. LT or Capts. There being rewarded instead of discipline!
Marcus Cotton 610057, CCI
PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53901
BD 1999, 20 Y.O.
sent and wrote from Joe Turney
Thank you for reading this may you all be blessed!
My Seg and prison Intro  5 14 19
     Hi Peg, i got your info from a couple of guys here. They told me you would be a good person to write because you are for the inmate, and is  willing  to help and listen to our stories.  I want to start by saying this is my first adult  prison incarceration and it be tough. I came to prison from Milwaukee County Jail  1-22 -18 . On 2 11 18 , I went to the “hole” in Dodge and to this day i’m still in the hole - It been 15 months, i done did everything that can possibly be done: done self harmed ;assault officers, hung out my  trap, fought my cellies, got gassed by officers and supervisors and beat up. I exposed myself to female officers, overdosed , stripped naked with no mattress or blanket just me inside an empty cell for 5 days eating seg load. I been on observation “suicide watch” and control ( status).
       I am only 20 years old and i was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 3 years on supervision. I have been in Lincoln Hills from 2013 02016 . I was there for all the abuses and mistreatment and it ain’t got nothing on the abuse and the mistreatment that go on at CCI . Like just 10 days ago I self harmed and was placed on observation when i self harmed it was Friday after diner i self harmed two times Friday- Monday, so Monday came and PSU staff came to see and she said do to  my over the weekend self- harmed incident she was going to keep me on observation now me and her had this conversation  at 7 o’clock and the morning and at 3 o’clock  ,m another PSU staff released me off observation when   the first PSU extended my placement for 24 there was no way the 2nd one was supposed to release me so I kept telling the white shirt that i wasn’t  in the right state of mind and that I was going to try and kill myself and like at CCI they do what they always do and keep walking or just ignore you i cut my arm open and cut a vein and went to the hospital and got 6 stitches and when i came back the same psu that released me off observation said I “just want some attention.”She don’t place me on any status just back to my room now so i self harmed again at 3am and hit the same vein and was bleeding out for like 20 minutes if anybody that was a normal person would have seen my cell they would have thought they was touring a scary movie when the officer caught me i refuse to stop cutting so he left and came back with a sgt and they both was telling me to stop cutting and i kept cutting so they sprayed me with OC and called the white shirt i came out room and since I cut my vein my wound is non stop bleeding it’s on the floor and when i’m walking its slippery because i’m walking on blood so the officers push me up against the wall saying stop resisting at this time i’m dizzie because i’m still losing blood so i’m not saying nothing so they still yelling stop resisting so the white shirt tazed me in my back than they stand me up walk me to the Nurse Station and the white shirt tell the nurse ”he’s not going to the hospital” and she tell him that the hospital is the only one that can stop the bleeding so went off grounds for stitches and the same PSU say do to my behavior observation is not appropriate , what I did was behavioral so I was placed on control .
   I wrote this incident up and is going to file a lawsuit I got so many incident where i was abused and mistreated but when inmate file complaints it get shot down and its like our voice never get heard outside of this institution its feels like this is a self -  governor prison it is crazy living life in this hole in this institution . I have 13 months into I go home. I go home June 20 , 2020 anybody is free to write me as a penpal to take my mind off to absort(?) prison and so i can vent to and talk about my life after I get released.
Shawn Murphy 401293 
WCI PO Box 351
Waupun,WI 53963
 bd 1965, 55 y.o.
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Shawn Murphy 401293 WCI   
RE: Request for assistance to help other prisoners 5 5 19
     I am a prisoner at WCI , Shawn Murphy 401293. I’ve been here almost 6 yrs, All you have been
told about what staff does to inmates is all fact. Medication withheld, no health or needed mental
 health care and In all most six years I spent almost 3 years in the hole. I been assaulted and
 tortured by Staff (the video feed from Control cell seg. A- 201 from 3-113-18 9 pm through
 3-14-19, 5 am shows how they tortured me.) I have mental health problems all my life and
there is no real treatment here. “O” – I was born with visual sequencing and memory problems,
which means spelling and reading problems–“learning disorders.”
     When in 4 2014 I came to WCI I knew I needed the protection of the section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 USC 794 ( a) and Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act, 42 USC 12131.
        This is the second letter from Shawn and he talks much about his conviction and revocation as unjust and is learning the law to address it. In his first letter he wrote about the gross violation of the inmates’ right to access to the courts because they are taking away the pens and allowing them to only use rubber pencils which cannot scan or be used with carbon copies. FFUP is trying to find out more about this and how widespread it is- the “lowest” stages of seg have always used rubber pencils.
       Shawn is  learning disabled and it seems is easily led astray by people pretending to be “friends”. I am not going to print the ins and outs of his legal pursuits until I understand better and also because names of cases are often unreadable and must be verified. But here is the gyst.
      “My impairments well documented, but because I have no money, noone outside the prison , no income, and, add to that  the DOC did not to me show how (parole officer) in 2013 made up a revocation in violation of Administrative code, law and civil rights. The first time I met her she just hated me. … For a person with ADA needs, I was on probation at DOC knows full well of my disabilities because from my conviction in 2000 up until revocation in 2013 I was under mental health care, ordered by probation.. I did not commit not hurt anyone. (PO) pushed the revocation through I got 20 years on lies, facts not in original case, Sentencing transcripts of original sentencing lost. Judges memory after 13 years for case is not up to due process of even a revocation
          I was never given an accommodation for meaningful(?) access to the law library. With my impairment the law computer is of no use. So I have no meaningful court access. I filed a 1983 case 16-cv-1462 with the EASTERN District Court, violation of ADA right and due process and Equal protection of the law.  This prison gives no prisoner the rights the US Supreme Court rules in Bounds V Smith 430 US 817 and Lewis V Casey. 518 US. 343. The court found the rights given in the 1st and 14 amendments to be so fundamental rights to court access, the court requires prison authorities to assist inmates in the preparation and filing of meaningful (?) papers by providing prisoners with adequate law libraries or adequate assistance from person trained in the law. ….
          My hands shake and I have nerve damage in both wrists because of torture. I give you this information to you to use to help others . I’m just waiting to start Habeas Corpus. Working hours every day I have found ways to write and read. It’s in ways you could not understand. Any Doctor will tell you coping skills are great but underlying impairment remains fact. Prisons don’t  believe this. See Supreme Court 143 LE 2d 1133 litigating measures.
           I just warn you my case 2000-cr 156 is a sexual assault  case. It was with my 10 year old daughter. As a child groups children from about 7 years old to 13 years or so (  from his other letter I take it he was abused). SO this does not make what I did okay. We were playing and I took it too far. I did not rape her, but rubbed genitals together, turned myself in. Only crime and never again will it happen. It would be bad if you decide not to use this info to help others. If found what I need is hope to be free soon.
Fighting for ADA RIGHTS to use meaningful court Access.
The prison must show it helped you get meaningful court access

Fredrick Morris 579941 GBCI
Fredrick Morris 579941
GBCI PO Box 19033 
Green Bay, WI 54307
BD 1992. 26 y.o.
My intro about Confinement
My Name is Frederick Andrew Morris BK T Drew. I have been in
confinement from county to prison since March 27, 2013. you can look
 me up on the internet -they gave me 29 years, 20 in 9 out for battery to 2
 cos because the judge in my case said I should not be allowed around
people until I am reincarnated so really all the DOC is doing is following
 the judge’s orders. I have tried to rush my reincarnation.  On 7 4 18 I hung myself to end being alone. My family that is in WI, has left my side cause not only do I have a lot of time but I can’t have contact visits so as  they see it I am dead so I pushed for death- it was welcome in my time of  pain – see I will not lie, I say the cos abuse me/ they will say they fear me – I am working on my anger so I don’t hurt noone once they let me out of confinement. I have problems that I keep inside, one being that I got real bad trust issues. It is like I can talk for so long you will learn nothing about me . I am better if you ask me stuff then I can answer but I will tell you I am 26, Dob 7 24  92 born in Chicago raise Minneapolis/ sexual orientation- heterosexual/relationship status/ single/ Race-, Africa American/ht 6’ wt 185/ Hair 3 foot locks. I do not know what else to put so please if you want to get to know me please write.


Anonymous- to be release straight from solitary June 9th, no treatment or training in prison and very little support once out.

I guess it is simpler to start by stating my name. But I’d like to remain anonymous for now  because of the personal information that I’m about to disclose to most of you who generally  would not be privileged to, that being said, I’m an African American inmate, in the Wisconsin  department of corrections. I’ve been here in said state facilities Columbia Correctional Inst for
the better of my 3 year incarcerated according a number of Psychiatrist i suffer from Bi polar disorder with paranoid feature. Post traumatic stress Disorder, ”Ptsd” depression and an anxiety  condition of some sort and have been treated with every antipsychotic and anti -depressant of  medication that you can think of. I suffer historically form hearing voices, seeing deceased loved one and ex-girl friend before me constantly and nightmares that  disturb we to an uncomfortable degree , so I used to stay awake for 1-3 days at a time to avoid sleeping because the things I’d see when I slept would scare the daylights out of Freddy Kruger and Michel Myers, which I was told all stemmed from an up bring where I was exposed to a lot of violence and abuse of all kinds. which I tend to stray away from expressing typically because I absolutely loathe the thought of being an African American statistic to the all white DOC Doctors, because in my mind I believe that all white people believe that all “Blacks” came from broken homes. Which wasn’t the entire case for me because, oddly, the abuse I experiences didn’t come from mom or dad.
Anyhow, somewhere along the way, I began self harming as some wired distraction from mental pain and sadly I brought this all mentioned, to WI DOC with me in 2012 at first and made the error of coming to DOC psychologist for help, only to find out now, 7 years later, that this was one of the worst mistakes I ever made, because, just like 90% of the public, I was under the impression that these professional government officials would help me, and possibly set me on a better path. Wrong!! WI DOC is hands down one of the worst systems in America by far. The Doctors seem almost like people out of some weird Hollywood script and to imagine that DOC could manage to find dozens atop dozens to work this system and ALL be so cruel and corrupt is almost insane itself!! I’ve been a perfect victim of it all and I’ll admit here I have a small part of what I had inflicted upon me by DOC doctors was by design, after seeing things done to very mentally ill inmates, I Thought maybe it was something to it or about this certain inmate.
      I’ve fought and tried for 3 years now to get treatment from several prisons and not one has tried to help with treatment of any kind. I’ve self harmed and mutilated my body to the point where I’ve had over a dozen ER trips, stitches and 7 blood transfusions after nearly bleeding to death many times and awake to being rushed to hospital in the back of ambulance awake in the hospital hooked up to m achiness and IV inches from actual death and physically ill to the point where I couldn’t move and inch. Because I’d bled out and lost nearly every once in my body. Overdoses of medications and all.adn the only form of treatment I’ve ever received was an ice cold cell, strapped down, naked, with the air conditioner blowing directly over my body only a foot or two away with restraints so tight I’ve lost circulation in my feet and hands etc and have marks on me permanently. Then Ice cold showers and forced right back down. I’ve been beaten and had locks of hair snatched from my head because I refused to lay back down under those conditions. I’ve been forced to lay in my own waste for hours. I honestly recall being in so much pain after 22 and 28 hours straight-strapped down naked and in a freezing cell that I prayed that GOD would just take my life right then and they wouldn’t even let me up for range of motion.  This has been done to me a number of times!!!
       Just this last time, I was hurt and in so much pain, when they let me up, I could barely walk. I’d lost so much blood and was so weak then the 22 hours strap down situation, no hospital for any treatment all while they know my blood levels are now critically low again and I’m in danger and 3 and 7 inch cut across my wrist and arm so deep  my vein and artery were exposed! All of my wound required real stitches yet they left them all open! The scariest part about the W DOC is the fact that they’re able to hire an HSU full-95%at least of medical staff who are all willing to medically neglect injured inmates. Then the officers they hire are just as corrupt and the combination of the 3 is how you get the monster that DOC continues to be Frankenstein state wide that noone has an answer for. I’ve witnessed mentally ill men like Jeremiah Felton and David Steven be treated like pure animals, all for being ill!! Felton was forced to sleep on a concrete floor for 4 and 8 months total on two occasions in urine and feces! winter time with cold air coming out of the vents! And PSU have this thing where t hey keep Black inmates who are very ill at an MH ONE code versus MH2, to allow security staff to exercise any and all disciplinary measures over patients whose actions are a direct result of their mental illnesses. So instead of rendering treatment, they allow security to enforce discipline, and months and years of segregation, in high volatile buildings full of noise 24/7. The smell of pepper spray and real riot tear gas, the smell of urine and feces coming from David Steven’s cell, this man used his cell to drop his waste and urine every day for months! and Dr Norge never did a thing about it. And he never came out of his cell for showers- he yelled crazy things 24/7. Ate meals maybe 3-4 times a week. Willie lambert as well , Jeremiah Felton-he been in the hole for 12 years as his mental health condition continues to deteriorate.
          Coming to WI DOC with mental health issues is almost like a crime ! At least one would assume by all the discipline and punative measures used to deal with someone who self harms.  It’s almost insane to think that “treatment: is WSC would possibly make inmates worse!
           Care, aid and treatment should NEVER hurt! You people on the outside looking have no idea how large the mental health crisis is in the WI DOC because its down played and censured even by the media even when there’s been several suicides (5) in2018-2019. Hundreds of thousands spent on hospital visits by inmates who self harm, overdose on pills, if not millions-state and taxpayer money which should have gone to treatment programs  and better health care providers overall. Because ever after all that’s said , it is  people in the communities that ultimately pay the price in the long run . Society needs to get involved mush sooner than later with this whole issue with the WIDOC continuing to release people untreated but mistreated , back into the streets and potentially endangering communities.  i am surprised that Wisconsin hasn’t been afflicted by a mass shooting like other states and also grateful. But just because we haven’t been , doesn’t mean we won’t be,  cause just like people  other states as well as families of victims , noone even cares to get involved until these issues hit close to home!
So now is more than the perfect time to step up and see to it that the men and women who all are continuously electing into office make some real life changes to the prison.jail and probation/parole system. Struggle everyday with thought of suicide and self harm, I’ve spent months on clinical observation/suicide watch in freezing cells in the winter time with no shower or war to care for my health or hygiene all while mutilating my body and bleeding out because even while on suicide watch of close 5 minute checks, staff will watch inmates self mutilate, hang themselves, etc , and won’t do a damn thing to stop it! I’ve laid in my own blood for hours unattended to while on suicide watch and have almost died at 4am and staff refused to get me to an outside  hospital, So I Guess in some way to attempt concluding this all , our voice from within doesn’t carry no matter how loud or long we all yell –but your voices on the outside can and will. We need help in here people. So until next time, that’s hoping I’ll be around to journal with and for you all again.( if you want to write to the guy, let me know and I will connect you two)

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