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Joe Turney

My Introduction from Being Up In Solitary So Long

Joe Turney 466457;CCI
PO Box 900, Portage,
WI 53901; BD 1981 (31Y.O.)

Joe Turney

My name is Joe Turney 466457 Im housed at CCI
My Story- Ay- anyone is okay to write me
5 14 19
Everything I am about to tell you readers are things that I myself been through or witness  with my own two eyes but before I go any further let me say this:
        “if we the people let the DOC tell it, all the inmates are either over- exaggerating or lying”

I been in prison since 9 25-2013 and since I been locked down I been in solitary for at least five years. Alot of this have to do with my mentally ill issue. For years I have been a “MH-2A inmate” and for those of you that don’t know what that is,, it means my mental health code is very high and I need treatment . And out of nowhere just a few months ago CCI just drop everyone MH- code down to a “MH-1” so that the DOC-CCI can benefit from it. I was sent for WCI to CCI in 2017 and since I been here I been in solitary 22 months and on top of that I have been beaten by staff members, I myself have been dragged down the hallway naked. I had my head slammed in the doorway! I had staff put their fingers up in my butt, I been refused meds and refused mental health treatment. I been thrown in control because I told staff I wanted to kill myself! I have been put in a room for days, weeks , without any clothes to until i told staff I wasn’t going to try to kill myself. To this day i’m in seg-solitary in a building- they call it “DS-1” where they don’t give no inmates anything to drink with we can’t get milk we get chesse( cheese?) three times a day with our meals. We can’t get anything out our personal property but paper. No soap, no toothpaste, no hairfood for your hair, no deto , no shampoo. And on top of everything else their not even allowing us inmate to order it! But they call there self giving us little packets that only last 30 minutes to an hour. And were only allowed to use them once maybe twice a week max! Were getting feed on the floor which staff call a “lower trap”- all three meal tray come to us cold and not enough food on the tray. Were being refused phone calls to our family with nothing we can do about it! OH and please don’t let me talk to you people about the inmate complaint system they have here at CCI. Just let me say this its no winning with these people there never wrong-and its(.i.e.; the answer to any problem) always give them more time. And 99% of the chance one or two thing happen you’ll get in the mail( 99% of the time the response to your  complaint is:)-
1)a return to sender giving you the  run around
2) dismissal
CCI Institution Complaint Examiner: “let’s just say they take good care of their own.”
outline of liquid SOAP PACKET given to 
prisoners in solitary confinement in CCI a few 
times a week, not enough for one good wash up,
 submitted by Joe Turney ( discussed above)
   One thing I have learned here about CCI its not such a thing as a cry for help! because they don’t give a damn about you! And I’m about to end this letter real soon but this is what’s messed up about the DOC –CCI the same people that we the inmate write up a complaint on 6 months or a year later are being promoted to Sgt. LT or Capts. There being rewarded instead of discipline!
sent and wrote from Joe Turney
Thank you for reading this may you all be blessed!

outline of the soap  packages they get a few times a week:

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