Friday, July 5, 2019

Marcus Cotton, 20 y.o. and needing a friend to write

marcus Cotton
Marcus Cotton 610057 CCI
My Seg and prison Intro  5 14 19
     Hi Peg, i got your info from a couple of guys here. They told me you would be a good person to write because you are for the inmate, and is willing to help and listen to our stories.  I want to start by saying this is my first adult prison incarceration and it be tough. I came to prison from Milwaukee County Jail  1-22 -18 . On 2 11 18 , I went to the “hole” in Dodge and to this day i’m still in the hole - It been 15 months, i done did everything that can possibly be done: done self harmed ;assault officers, hung out my  trap, fought my cellies, got gassed by officers and supervisors and beat up. I exposed myself to female officers, overdosed , stripped naked with no mattress or blanket just me inside an empty cell for 5 days eating seg load. I been on observation “suicide watch” and control ( status).
       I am only 20 years old and i was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 3 years on supervision. I have been in Lincoln Hills from 2013 02016 . I was there for all the abuses and mistreatment and it ain’t got nothing on the abuse and the mistreatment that go on at CCI . Like just 10 days ago I self harmed and was placed on observation when i self harmed it was Friday after diner i self harmed two times Friday- Monday, so Monday came and PSU staff came to see and she said do to  my over the weekend self- harmed incident she was going to keep me on observation now me and her had this conversation  at 7 o’clock and the morning and at 3 o’clock  ,m another PSU staff released me off observation when   the first PSU extended my placement for 24 there was no way the 2nd one was supposed to release me so I kept telling the white shirt that i wasn’t  in the right state of mind and that I was going to try and kill myself and like at CCI they do what they always do and keep walking or just ignore you i cut my arm open and cut a vein and went to the hospital and got 6 stitches and when i came back the same psu that released me off observation said I “just want some attention.”She don’t place me on any status just back to my room now so i self harmed again at 3am and hit the same vein and was bleeding out for like 20 minutes if anybody that was a normal person would have seen my cell they would have thought they was touring a scary movie when the officer caught me i refuse to stop cutting so he left and came back with a sgt and they both was telling me to stop cutting and i kept cutting so they sprayed me with OC and called the white shirt i came out room and since I cut my vein my wound is non stop bleeding it’s on the floor and when i’m walking its slippery because i’m walking on blood so the officers push me up against the wall saying stop resisting at this time i’m dizzie because i’m still losing blood so i’m not saying nothing so they still yelling stop resisting so the white shirt tazed me in my back than they stand me up walk me to the Nurse Station and the white shirt tell the nurse ”he’s not going to the hospital” and she tell him that the hospital is the only one that can stop the bleeding so went off grounds for stitches and the same PSU say do to my behavior observation is not appropriate , what I did was behavioral so I was placed on control .
  I wrote this incident up and is going to file a lawsuit I got so many incident where i was abused and mistreated but when inmate file complaints it get shot down and its like our voice never get heard outside of this institution its feels like this is a self -  governor prison it is crazy living life in this hole in this institution . I have 13 months into I go home. I go home June 20 , 2020 anybody is free to write me as a penpal to take my mind off to absort(?) prison and so i can vent to and talk about my life after I get released.

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