Friday, July 5, 2019

Michael Pietila

Michael Scott Pietila

Introducing Heathen ( AKA Michael Scott Pietila #277076)
A good friend who is also an advocate for my rights along with many others felt some would appreciate my thoughts, feelings and understanding as a blog. I’ll honestly say I had and have, no idea anyone valued myself to such an extent. I guess we’ll see as this blog progresses. I’ve never read a blog, never wrote a blog, as a matter of fact the technology revolution of the 200’s I happened to miss on my first bid. I did 101/2 years for an Armed Robbery and a couple burglaries. Yes, I am a “violent” criminal who lives by a code of conduct, morals and principals that are foreign to most society. On the flip side, Society is an alien environment to me and many like me. I’m not against punishment for those of us who break the law. On the contrary, I believe some of us deserve the punishment meted out by the courts. But there are some exceptions to the punishments that I believe deserving of alterations or transformations. It is ridiculous to believe that just housing us and throwing outdated and ineffectual programs and schooling at us while the DOC employees continue with their general outlooks that we are wayward children or even animals that they need to subdue and break is going to rehabilitate us, I’ll also speak out against the medieval psychological and psychiatric services for us who do suffer from mental illnesses. I am diagnosed as bipolar I, PTSD, paranoid personality and major depressive disorder. At times I’m in such a manic state ( such as this mild mania that is allowing me to pen this introduction) that I cannot get enough done. I know I need to seize these opportunities because in between my ‘manic episodes” I suffer debilitating depressive states where I’m like a robot going through the motions of existence  and let me travel deeper to my lowest levels of depression and I may end up in the hospital getting stitched up from my latest artistry with a razor blade. ON occasion I get too excitable and something may trigger my paranoid delusions or full blown psychosis where I believe everyone in the world can hear my thought, can communicate with me in depth and detail with a look or body language or that I’m being housed in a prion where all the employees are cannibals who want to suit up on us, spray us, with the SC can to spice upthe meat, rape us to tenderize our meat and eventually kill us, then feed us to each other and eat us themselves. Yeah that’s the short version of the story. I also happen to be a muslim of the caucasion persuasion which I’m pretty sure isn’t trending in the current societal circles. I’m not a very good muslim, but I am one and I’m proud of it despite the current vilification of my brethren by the American media and aristocracy. I’m currently housed at Waupun Correctional Institution and with this drastic lack of corrections officers that they have her this seems to be the black hole of the WI department of Corrections. The lack of employees is compounded by the draconian way we are treated by many employees. Granted we as Inmates, prisoners and convicts ( very distinct differences) do not help ourselves with our macho posturing , selfish needs, or alien personalities but in the end WE ARE STILL HUMAN, just like all of you. What’s sad is I’m currently in segregation (restrictive housing unit) by choice and I’m not getting out anytime soon. They shut down the institution and cancel everything while feeding us in our cells when we already expected to live our lives”22-23 hours a day in a 3X3 cell with another inmate. I’m running out of steam for this blog. when inspiration strikes. I ‘ll be back.
                                                             I’M A HUMAN TOO!!
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