Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Course Forward to REAL treatment for our mentally ill? FLYNN vs DOYLE


this is a case that won for the women's prison in Fond du Lac, WI (Taychedah, TCI). a new treatment center and a new structure for the psychological staff and their patients. We will be studying the documents below to decide if we want to us the Flynn Doyle case as template to get  treatment and humanity reinstated in the men's prisons.

Of course the situation has become more complicated since the above decision, as the DOC has become more sophisticated in its techniques for avoiding accountability. For example , there is widespread changing of diagnoses which we call "cure by diagnosis" , that makes it hard to prove that inmates NEED the mental health treatment. When the DOC changes a diagnosis from SERIOUS (MH1 )to not Serious (MH2), the diagnosis becomes in many cases"malingering"- meaning all punishments, especially for self harm, are accepted as standard.

1) this is the powerpoint overview done by the DOC on the then new treatment center at TCI:

2) The same overview only redone on Word to save space and make downloading and copying easier
  pdf form:
  doc form:

3)The settlement reach by litigants- this is the document FFUP is studying now to determine if we should use this case as template for the men's prisons:

4) The original complaint filed for TCI prisoners.

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