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first tries at email newsletter

this effort went out to a few people a few months ago, only to come back with suggestions for revamping, making it gentler and easier to read. We are in that process but here is first try and following are some of the new submissions for the new newsletter by solitary inmates.

One reason for the newsletter is its value in giving solitary inmates a way to ground their frustrations- a health way to Vent- and we are offering them blog posts so they can write as much as the want and we will link to  the newsletter while putting the bulk on the blog.

Here is first try email newsletter:

Here are some of the new submissions. Typing help needed- if you are so disposed, email me at

THE Plan= full texts to be posted on blog- summaries or beginning paragraphs go into newsletter with links to respective blog posts.first try.  These below are particularly submitted with permission to be part of email newsletter, as were those included in the first try newsletter above. We will be spreading the word within the seg units about this project in hopes the in the end we help these inmates stay safe while widening awareness about the horrors here to beyond the few people who now know or allow themselves to care. This is hard stuff.

Kenneth Gray
Kenneth Gray 315302; BD 1981 eligible for parole since 2009, max out date 2025.
"Confined Reflection" : 

Tyler Bartelt

Tyler Bartelt 655464 CCI outdate 8 7 31/ BD 1998 ( 21) 

( typed from pencil) I’m Tyler Bartelt #655464. I was sentenced by a judge to receive help & counseling, so, they
recognize I have mental/AODA needs, and use that as an excuse to keep me locked up, but,
instead of helping, when I make the same mistake, the DOC/ “psychology Dept” fails me by
punishing me further. For instance, I have AODA needs, when I ask to be put in to a program,
they say the programs are “full” or C.C.I says the are “short staffed” (pick excuse) but when I
self-medicate, they punish me further! (Seg). I’ve been locked up 33 months w/o help.
DOC 314.oi (2) The department has authority to provide specialized treatment for inmate and
shall assess and direct inmates into treatment programs.
How is putting me in the hole with nothing helping me? When psychological staff do what they
call welfare checks, they ask if you are good and leave. If you tell them you have a problem, the
psychological staff say they will refer you for an appointments weeks from when you have a
problem. The conditions of the cells in segregation are awful. I am forced to sleep on the ground
because there is only one bunk for two inmates. This forces me to place my thing, badly worn
mat on the hard cement; the walls leak so there is mold & mildew and rust on the cement. Along
with that I get paint chips from the wall and floor in my bed along with dust, dirt, and hair. When
the toilet sweats, it causes the water and urine splashes to drip to the floor, in puddles less than
a foot from my mat. Also there are many bugs that crawl in through cracks in the window and
My mat, on floor, in one month, I have found ants, mites, and spiders on cement around my
mat. There also is no working intercom/panic button in any cell at C.C.I. What if you or another
inmate have a medical emergency, like a seizure or heart attack? What if there is a fight in the
cell? By the time a C/O did a round someone could die. Speaking of time, the clocks are all set to
the wrong time or not working, this leaves me to have to predict the time. It is disorientating;
every thing feels like one big day blurred. For this being my first time in prison or being exposed
to the criminal element. I fear I will have PTSD among other issues when I leave here in 13
years. Don’t people out there want us to be fixed when we come back to society? Or do they
prefer us worse? So far, it couldn’t be any worse of a start. (Signed) Tyler Bartelt

Introducing Heathen ( AKA Michael Scott Pietila #277076)
A good friend who is also an advocate for my rights along with many others felt some would appreciate my thoughts, feelings and understanding as a blog. I’ll honestly say I had and have, no idea anyone valued myself to such an extent. I guess we’ll see as this blog progresses. I’ve never read a blog, never wrote a blog, as a matter of fact the technology revolution of the 200’s I happened to miss on my first bid. I did 101/2 years for an Armed Robbery and a couple burglaries. Yes, I am a “violent” criminal who lives by a code of conduct, morals and principals that are foreign to most society. On the flip side, Society is an alien environment to me and many like me. I’m not against punishment for those of us who break the law. On the contrary, I believe some of us deserve the punishment meted out by the courts. But there are some exceptions to the punishments that I believe deserving of alterations or transformations. It is ridiculous to believe that just housing us and throwing outdated and ineffectual programs and schooling at us while the DOC employees continue with their general outlooks that we are wayward children or even animals that they need to subdue and break is going to rehabilitate us, I’ll also speak out against the medieval psychological and psychiatric services for us who do suffer from mental illnesses. I am diagnosed as bipolar I, PTSD, paranoid personality and major depressive disorder. At times I’m in such a manic state ( such as this mild mania that is allowing me to pen this introduction) that I cannot get enough done. I know I need to seize these opportunities because in between my ‘manic episodes” I suffer debilitating depressive states where I’m like a robot going through the motions of existence  and let me travel deeper to my lowest levels of depression and I may end up in the hospital getting stitched up from my latest artistry with a razor blade. ON occasion I get too excitable and something may trigger my paranoid delusions or full blown psychosis where I believe everyone in the world can hear my thought, can communicate with me in depth and detail with a look or body language or that I’m being housed in a prion where all the employees are cannibals who want to suit up on us, spray us, with the SC can to spice upthe meat, rape us to tenderize our meat and eventually kill us, then feed us to each other and eat us themselves. Yeah that’s the short version of the story. I also happen to be a muslim of the caucasion persuasion which I’m pretty sure isn’t trending in the current societal circles. I’m not a very good muslim, but I am one and I’m proud of it despite the current vilification of my brethren by the American media and aristocracy. I’m currently housed at Waupun Correctional Institution and with this drastic lack of corrections officers that they have her this seems to be the black hole of the WI department of Corrections. The lack of employees is compounded by the draconian way we are treated by many employees. Granted we as Inmates, prisoners and convicts ( very distinct differences) do not help ourselves with our macho posturing , selfish needs, or alien personalities but in the end WE ARE STILL HUMAN, just like all of you. What’s sad is I’m currently in segregation (restrictive housing unit) by choice and I’m not getting out anytime soon. They shut down the institution and cancel everything while feeding us in our cells when we already expected to live our lives”22-23 hours a day in a 3X3 cell with another inmate. I’m running out of steam for this blog. when inspiration strikes. I ‘ll be back.
                                                             I’M A HUMAN TOO!!

Michael Evans
 Michael Evans 344627
GBCI PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307
bd 1980 parole eligibility date 2020

 needs to be typed

childeric Maxy
Childeric Maxy 332930 RGCI ; bd 1965 Max discharge date 2060

Julian Blackshear

Blackshear 502141 WCI BD 1989 out date 2 4 21 ( short summary would go in newsletter with link to rest

     Hello Again, I have been on XLO day paper restriction and was unable to write you back. This also hindered some deadlines for me. I did receive your letter and I am sorry about my handwriting and was looking forward to any news station contacting me about my issues. I am rewriting my letter along with new one and am attaching them to this letter. In regards to the info in your letter I do see the bigger picture and wish to have my own foundation, just like yours/and to join and work with yours as well. I do know how to do/litigate civil cases only but currently have XP cases in court and can barely keep up with my own, all very serious cases. In my name Julian Blackshear vs. Etc. I was in hopes that a pro could take one of my cases/and with $ Icould give a % to your foundation and hire an attorney to do the rest of my cases. I know that if the media hears about my issues, a attorney will get involved. I can never get enough time in the library to type anything and have to hand write everything!! I also have family support and receive stamps and paper also. And seek your help only for info/and to reach contacts. I can help but very limited/however my cases may help a lot of inmate in (WI). My (mental health) and
me rite now are very unstable and (the) hole seg does not hep. With a attorney we can move forward quickly with $ all my cases are again very serious this xl case you will read about will show the seriousness of what you and need you to get news involved.
        I am a diff kind of person but have big plans and goals that plan to reach. I went to school for business and learned civic law. In here know how to reach the higher goal and will take $ I have suffered through my incidents have cases worth hundreds of 1,000s possibly millions who knows and I am willing to use this $ for the greater cause but again need to be simply heard.
My name is Julian R Blackshar #502141 inmate at Waupun Correctional Inst. in (WI) a max and this is a general complain of some very serious issues. There is a lot of people/staff who do not want me to write this and I was so scared/upset I was at the point of wanting to press criminal charges because of the severeness of these incidents. I was just released from suicide watch on 3/19/19 today is 3/22/19 I received my property/paperwork 3/21/19 But was to sick/overwhelmed from the incidents/surgery/dry sockets and several other issues going on still now. This letter will be going to the following (cc) listed below to assure my issues/incidents are not hindered/swayed ignored/or anything. This will be going to both local/federal authorities but I do not want wish to press charges/criminal charges. However, my incidents will be investigated
and what I’m about to state is very true and I RCI/WCI all included have staff witnesses/still/video camera/ paper proof of all incidents and all these facts have been hindered/swayed/stopped/hidden. The last chain of events along with the rest I’m going to state are true and what needs to be investigated and I will be requested an out of court resolution! For
all incidents!
        On 3/8/19 I told staff I want to kill myself again a (WCI) Dr. Gruber came down and argued with me and just made me want to kill myself/die even more and ignored the fact that I was having issues on the cell hall (NWCH) WCI I arrived in seg/RHU/the hole and was placed in observation were calls are extremely filthy including with hazardous objects in the them Including razors with 1st razor I began cutting myself I was tapped and cleaned and placed back in the same cell were only the blood was cleaned nothing else the very next day I found another razor!
         I found another razor and simply gave it to a SRG. I felt comfortable with on the 11th in same cell I found another and cut myself again. Receiving stitches again and was put back in the same cell uncleaned the next day the 12th. 3/12/19 I had received warning from HSU staff no to eat or drink as I have an offsite surgery. At 7AM but by 7AM I was not taken out by security staff as security staff stopped my trip. The same RHU staff who was harassing me giving me issues Including SRG. Beahm/Co.Dorn/Cusba/Bohl/Brockshaw/Capt. Tritt. et. al. because of prior history (ICE)s and my complaining about multiple health issues here at WCI/RHU.
   Srg. Beahm advised staff not to let me shower and told me I had the trip at 7am. I did not eat but out of vengeful/retaliation security staff stopped my trip/surgery appointment that was scheduled and approved by both PSU/HSU and would be the second time stopped by security in xl week . Once I realized my trip was stopped/cancelled I decided to eat on camera after 7am! Just around 7:30 shortly after a WCI nurse block popped in my window and asked what up I said you tell me. She then asked why I was not gone yet. I said I don’t know she then said she would not let this happen and went and made some phone calls and came back and said you ate I said yes because its past 7am and my appointment was canceled so while knowing what security did and not wanting to be part of this retaliation act. Nurse Black acted on her own and got my surgery changed to later in the day . Co. Steel working the cell hall was also aware of this attempt
to hinder a serious surgery and told me write them up. Nurse Black also aware but did not take part.
          Next day I asked Srg. Beahm, why you tried to stop my surgery he smiled and said you ate and said he can't be touched in front of me. Nurse Black/Co. Brockshaw but me not eating until my appointment is on camera as I’m on 24-7 surveillance and will fault there lie as well with truth from staff not involved with this. With giant holes in my mouth from surgery I was placed back in some (obs) cell still on (obs) with no hygiene. Laying on cold hard/filthy/obs room the next few
days living through this I found x2 more razors and gave them to (PSU) Dr Engstein who I felt comfortable with and guy nurse also who was with Srg. Nicholous on Friday the 15th 3/15/19 a PSU Dr. White came and I told her I’m not suicidal/and doesn’t matter keeping me in here anyways as I could of killed myself several times over and am sick and need to heal from surgery/stitches etc. Get my hygiene. She said anyways she wants to keep me in over the weekend knowing I was in pain/hurting. And I told her there's razors in here she said see ya Monday and waved her hand and told me she had been in corrections for x13 years and was aware of the complaints by me to WCI/PSU staff and did not notify security about my telling her about razor in cell.
          Later/same morning. I cut myself with another razor and was again stitched up receiving x22 more stitches I told staff I will not self harm anymore Im ok and calm/security agreed. Capt Tritt ordered/advised them to send this very calm inmate back to OBS cell but Dr.White interviewed and had me strapped down for x10 hours while stitches up bloody with dry
sockets from surgery and not resisting/fighting any staff I was strapped down out of retaliate!
          I was scared and urinated on myself several times and into open wounds and Srg. Beahm pulled the straps so tight I have a scar now on my inner bicep I was left with urine in wounds for several hours I was then released from observation 3/19/19 In last x100 days or 50 there has been over x15 razors in my suicide rooms I have a history of self harm, and have over x170+cuts/scars on my arms staff I felt comfortable with are was not part of any retaliation act here at (WCI) and were simply doing there jobs I simply handed them over the razors I found and other times I wanted to die I cut myself i have received over x50 stitches in (WCI) I have been here x11 month only! Please note the cells in RHU/WCI in general are extremely filthy and for me because of my history coming to (RHU) the hole I am deeply strip searched including
touching/lifting/showing all private parts etc. (WCI) like every other prison has state funded supplies/tools/gear with over $2.4 billion The WI-DOC/WCI has metal detector stations/metal detector wands/and x-ray machines and should be no way possible any inmate can bring any metal to RHU let alone x15 razors which were in my suicide rooms/obs cell (WCI) would of let die x15 time over my cells were under 24-7 surveillance and more observation checkers watching me every x15 mins there is no footage of me pulling a razor out/off my body because there already in the room! My MH history dates back to 2004 at least documented and in last 3 years alone I have been strapped down x3 times x3 ER trips-75+ stitches including
hanging/cutting/stabbing/starving/overdosing/smearing poop/urine with at least x10 (MH) diagnoses/85+ days in suicide watch
        But never once did RCI/WCI-WI-DOC recommend/send me to (MH) center/Inst. I have been over x15 (MH) meds that have suicidal side effects I have a chronic/traumatic brain injury/damage and while at WCI trying to work out resolve/Issues/Complaints with chain of command staff they have lied/withheld thrown out/not written back/swayed/hindered in attempt to wipe there/these medical self harm incidents including staff from inmate complaint dept.-
          I request all obs cell in WI Be changed papper and full range cameras be installed and more safe (metal detectors) and all staff retrained in suicide prevention I request $10 million for my x170+ cuts/scars the neglect of both my mental/physical health the torture/cover ups/lies.  I request all my property/mail back and that WCI answer follow (ICRS) chain of command/PIRA requirements/Rights/Regulations or I will file suit rite away everything is true and documented
on still/video camera (IR)S Lock of (IR)S PSU/HSU Security everywhere with multiple staff witnesses the neglect and deliberate indifference and times when I should of been stitched but was not and left all needs to be investigated and something done because I’m lucky to be alive. Several staff members who were around but not part of these acts and simply doing there job will name all in investigation. Thank you for your time
Dated this 23rd Day of March 2019
(Signed Julian Blackshear)
Julian Blackshear #502191 (CC) WA/WI DOJ/FBI
WCI Dodge County Sheriff Dept
PO Box 351 Doc/Heads/Secretary
Waupun, WI 53963 Tony Evers


Jason Graham
Jason Graham #309304. WSPF bd 1980 out date 2024

This would be fun to include- not particularly for solitary:
My name is Jason Graham #309304 And I am writing you about the Waupun Correctional Institution! I am requesting your help to have Gov. Tony Ev[-] make A unannounced walk through and talk through W.C.I. where staff h[-] no time to hurry up and clean up or hush inmates! There is A lists of violations against staff concerning work Rules and Relations and over all employee conduct! The Department of Corrections has established work rules that regulate the conduct of employees in order that the Department can achieve its objective in A orderly and efficient manner! The staff at W.C.I. seem to think that they are above these Executive Directive work rules imposed by Gov. Tony Evers! Waupun Correctional Institution is out of control! Star[-] with the problem of being short staffed and over worked which brings on stress to the employees which leads to A very hostile work enviroment! Most of the staff here are corrupt and very unprofessional and fail to report Crimes or misconduct against fellow employees! And will tell you in a minute in A laughing matter “Go head and file A complaint” like the Complaint system is A joke due to the immoral corruption within there code of silence! They identify there self more like Gang members with there profane and abusive language towards each other and towards inmates which sets work standards and Respect at A ultimate low, and because of that there was A Riot 12-29-18! It will only get worst before it gets any better! The Solitary Confinement is torture inside o[-] cells there is filthy walls, sinks, and mattresses that smell very bad! The showers have mold and thick grime on the wall and in almost every cell you could find blood on the walls! They wear body cams that they have pointed towards the walls on there left sides of there belts instead of towards the cell doors an[-] keep them off most of the time unless there is a situation about to happen so there all day conduct is concealed!

[page break]

They have a rule that your light must be turned on and you must be standing directly in front of your window in order to eat! So you know what that means, with the body cams faced away from the door on there belt below the window if they don’t like you they walk pass you and say you weren’t at your door, and there’s nothing you can do! I see it happening every day and if you get involve[-] you won’t eat either! Use of force is used I would say everyday in seg, its designed to keep you in here and a lot of the guys in seg don’t know if there coming or going and were treated like animals more than humans! The prison is over crowded so go figure they have to house inmates in seg I am writing you MRS. Swan in need of desperate help in draining this swamp because like I said the complaint system here is corrupt, and if you need A more indepth report to insure that A investigation on the unsafe and injustice condictions at Waupun Correctional I would have no problem giving A furt[-] insight on the on-going issues!

Thank You [Signature]



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