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Some Prisoners in Introduce Themselves

Timothy Johnson

September 10,2019
Timmy Johnson 616546 WCI
bd 1988
Mrs Peg, I’m currently in segregation for alleged” staff assault on a guard who called me a “boy”, pushed me and told me to not ”monkey” around” . Not only was there a racial slur but I feel I acted in self defense. Upon being in seg staff broke my tv, radio, tablet, clothes ripped.I file a complaint but because they’re all in the same circle I don’t get far. the only thing I was re-funded for was my radio and that onlybecuase I prove their statements were inconsistent. They even took restitution out of that and they by law are not supposed to. I’ve challenged this but they won’t respond. I seriously fear for my life here, I feel like these people are almost untouchable, I’ve written DHS, local police, FBI, Governor’s office, warden, security director, the only thing the Governor’s office and DHS did was send the prison a copy of my letter. The other people I wrote did nothing at all. NO response. I even went on a hunger strike – no food or water for nearly three weeks, they got a court order to force feed me, at my court hearing I told the judge I fear for my life, nothing happened. I’ve been skipped for medications, meals, ect. I went from 268 to  197 pounds  in 2 months. The officer I had the incidence with even serves my food. It’s weird.
They play with my mail and exc. I am interested in going to another prison to not only be safe but some twhere they will allow you your tablet in seg. I also have serious mental health issues and I go proof of the psych workers not seeing me on time. Ever before getting incarcerated I was chapter 51 and the police forced me to say I was guilty and promised me a mental health facility not prison. The clearly lied. And I can’t afford a real lawyer. I  know if I don’t get help soon I will eventually kill myself and I’ve told everyone this. So after explaining my story in the shortest but detailed way as possible i would like to know if you would help me with the following: (long list here including helping him get his electronics back, lawyer names, media addresses, stamps and paper.)

Childeric Maxy 332930
RGCI. PO Box 925, Red Granite, WI 54970
BD 1965, 54Y.O.
                                                   My Time in the Hole
childeric Maxy

My name is Childeric Maxy , I’ve been down ( locked up) since feb. 2000. My first experience with the “hole” or (segregation) came at about 6 months into my incarceration. I was in Dodge Corr. Inst when I got to the seg building Unit ##20 . I believe female inmates were housed like next door; space was scarce in these units. I was in a 5ft by 9 ft cell. The stench in the window was great; the window is small 3 by 15 inches, a glass opening is the same in most seg cells, under that glass window were a cluster of holes drilled in the steel door through which we were allowed to communicate to the officers and another way to communicate to each other, some through the same holes drilled in the air vent, we communicate to other inmates upstairs and next door. These openings in the door and windows ere reeked of a squalid odor mixed emissions of spit, urine, feces, milk and every known body fluids, that can be thrown, wiped against these holes; some holes were filled with cheap, generic toothpaste, issued by the WDOC and old torn newspapers to block the vent in the winter time, preventing cold air from  blowing in the cell.
These cells have a light that shine perpetually in most DOC holes; the light in the cell at Stanley Corr Inst has a switch to turn it on and off. IN other institutions that I’ve been to ( GBCI, DOC, WCI) all these let the light shine continually around the clock , in your face.
The toilet s and sink are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, the sinks and toilets are a unit> and the water in the sinks are emitted like the water in a water fountain; it will take up to two minutes for the water to get hot in the sink.

To read entire essay, including descriptions of observation, click below. 

Fredrick Morris

Fredrick Andrew Morris
GBCI , PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307

my Pain runs deep
so deep I wish the forever sleep
where I don’t hear a peep
my eyes dry no time to weep
shot fired but no blood I leak
cause I’m away from it all at peace I sleep.

Kenneth Gray
Confined Reflection©
Kenneth Gray
     I am someone you never knew existed. How is that so, you question? Well, because I've been raised in a  place that's the equivalent to Hades, the place where all the 'bad' people get sent to... yep, that place. How did I come about to be raise there? No, not because I was birthed badly, nor, my surroundings were such, though, it was. There are many who've come from far worse situations and made good. So, I will not provide some sort of excuse as to why I went from the bowels of the Ghetto, so young, to be ingested in the bowels of the beast - that's labeled "The System". Really, it's all the same, the ghetto, prison system... The dimensions are definitely the same. One form of oppression, to another, just different geography.
       For most part, based upon research of self, and life; it's been concluded that my journey has profoundly orchestrated a millennium before my birth by those who knew I would exist, or at least someone like me. See, I've always been quite the loner, I guess that’s why Loneliness felt I am her 'life partner'. And, well, you know when you marry a person; it's like marrying into the whole family; and all of the dysfunctionality that comes with it.
       It's still difficult to battle Depression with wild turkeys and the snow-covered trees just beyond the electrified fence of this "secure minimum", truly an oxymoronic title for one of 30+ Wisconsin's prisons. Bitterness leans against the wall scoping me in this dock area in the Restrictive Housing Unit - the Hole or Segregation, folding outta shape and over used underwear. No, I'm not a resident as I have been for many times in these past 23-years, it's where I'm employed.., doing menial work; washing the inmate's seg. Clothing, preparing meal-trays before the officers (COs) deliver them to the residents through slots in a door. Something that I've begrudgingly had to grow accustom to during this imprisonment that begun when I was the tender age of 14-years old- For 1st degree homicide; stemming from "a naïve kid who pulled out a gun and took a man's life because he told him to go home," as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper reported it.
      I've grown up behind barbed-wired walls and towers, confined to cells equipped bathrooms amenities with showers; no end in sight. Truly, I have been raised in captivity; there are times when the prison's administration allows the Public a 'walk-through', as though we are an exhibit. It's almost a kinship 'I feel, when I ponder back on those times when we ventured class field-trips to the County Zoo, or my mom took my little cousins and me to the Circus. I can now understand, why those lions, tigers and bears... paced back and forth, so effortlessly, the way I remember them. If I could speak animal, I know exactly what were their thoughts and intentions were. But, I'm no Solomon, when I use to pray, it was for his 'wisdom, knowledge and understanding', I humbly beg the Grand Architect. Some told me how they prayed for the health and safety of their family and friends... I possessed neither.
      At 14-years old waived into Adult Criminal Court, there sentenced to serve 30-years in the State Prison System. But,I was too young to enter the said Prison System,    to Ethan Allen School for Boys until my sweet 16th birthday I was transferred. There, I was kept in their segregation unit under Administrative Confinement (AC), because by law, I was an 'adult', yet not "adult enough" to go to an adult prison... the irony. This pretty much conditioned me for what I was about to experience.

Jason Graham
My name is Jason Graham #309304 . WCI
BD 1980, out date 2 20 24
 I am writing you about the Waupun Correctional Institution! I am requesting your help to have Gov. Tony Ev[-] make A unannounced walk through and talk through W.C.I. where staff h[-] no time to hurry up and clean up or hush inmates! There is A lists of violations against staff concerning work Rules and Relations and over all employee conduct! The Department of Corrections has established work rules that regulate the conduct of employees in order that the Department can achieve its objective in A orderly and efficient manner! The staff at W.C.I. seem to think that they are above these Executive Directive work rules imposed by Gov. Tony Evers! Waupun Correctional Institution is out of control! Star[-] with the problem of being short staffed and over worked which brings on stress to the employees which leads to A very hostile work environment! Most of the staff here are corrupt and very unprofessional and fail to report Crimes or misconduct against fellow employees! And will tell you in a minute in A laughing matter “Go head and file A complaint” like the Complaint system is A joke due to the immoral corruption within there code of silence! They identify there self more like Gang members with there profane and abusive language towards each other and towards inmates which sets work standards and Respect at A ultimate low, and because of that there was A Riot 12-29-18! It will only get worst before it gets any better! The Solitary Confinement is torture inside o[-] cells there is filthy walls, sinks, and mattresses that smell very bad! The showers have mold and thick grime on the wall and in almost every cell you could find blood on the walls! They wear body cams that they have pointed towards the walls on their left sides of there belts instead of towards the cell doors and] keep them off most of the time unless there is a situation about to happen so there all day conduct is concealed!

They have a rule that your light must be turned on and you must be standing directly in front of your window in order to eat! So you know what that means, with the body cams faced away from the door on there belt below the window if they don’t like you they walk pass you and say you weren’t at your door, and there’s nothing you can do! I see it happening every day and if you get involve[-] you won’t eat either! Use of force is used I would say everyday in seg, its designed to keep you in here and a lot of the guys in seg don’t know if there coming or going and were treated like animals more than humans! The prison is over crowded so go figure they have to house inmates in seg I am writing you MRS. Swan in need of desperate help in draining this swamp because like I said the complaint system here is corrupt, and if you need A more indepth report to insure that A investigation on the unsafe and injustice conditions at Waupun Correctional I would have no problem giving A furt[-] insight on the on-going issues! 

Marcus Cotton

Marcus Cotton 610057 CCI
My Seg and prison Intro  5 14 19
     Hi Peg, i got your info from a couple of guys here. They told me you would be a good person to write because you are for the inmate, and is willing to help and listen to our stories.  I want to start by saying this is my first adult prison incarceration and it be tough. I came to prison from Milwaukee County Jail  1-22 -18 . On 2 11 18 , I went to the “hole” in Dodge and to this day i’m still in the hole - It been 15 months, i done did everything that can possibly be done: done self harmed ;assault officers, hung out my  trap, fought my cellies, got gassed by officers and supervisors and beat up. I exposed myself to female officers, overdosed , stripped naked with no mattress or blanket just me inside an empty cell for 5 days eating seg load. I been on observation “suicide watch” and control ( status).
       I am only 20 years old and i was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 3 years on supervision. I have been in Lincoln Hills from 2013 02016 . I was there for all the abuses and mistreatment and it ain’t got nothing on the abuse and the mistreatment that go on at CCI . Like just 10 days ago I self harmed and was placed on observation when i self harmed it was Friday after diner i self harmed two times Friday- Monday, so Monday came and PSU staff came to see and she said do to  my over the weekend self- harmed incident she was going to keep me on observation now me and her had this conversation  at 7 o’clock and the morning and at 3 o’clock  ,m another PSU staff released me off observation when   the first PSU extended my placement for 24 there was no way the 2nd one was supposed to release me so I kept telling the white shirt that i wasn’t  in the right state of mind and that I was going to try and kill myself and like at CCI they do what they always do and keep walking or just ignore you i cut my arm open and cut a vein and went to the hospital and got 6 stitches and when i came back the same psu that released me off observation said I “just want some attention.”She don’t place me on any status just back to my room now so i self harmed again at 3am and hit the same vein and was bleeding out for like 20 minutes if anybody that was a normal person would have seen my cell they would have thought they was touring a scary movie when the officer caught me i refuse to stop cutting so he left and came back with a sgt and they both was telling me to stop cutting and i kept cutting so they sprayed me with OC and called the white shirt i came out room and since I cut my vein my wound is non stop bleeding it’s on the floor and when i’m walking its slippery because i’m walking on blood so the officers push me up against the wall saying stop resisting at this time i’m dizzie because i’m still losing blood so i’m not saying nothing so they still yelling stop resisting so the white shirt tazed me in my back than they stand me up walk me to the Nurse Station and the white shirt tell the nurse ”he’s not going to the hospital” and she tell him that the hospital is the only one that can stop the bleeding so went off grounds for stitches and the same PSU say do to my behavior observation is not appropriate , what I did was behavioral so I was placed on control .
  I wrote this incident up and is going to file a lawsuit I got so many incident where i was abused and mistreated but when inmate file complaints it get shot down and its like our voice never get heard outside of this institution its feels like this is a self -  governor prison it is crazy living life in this hole in this institution . I have 13 months into I go home. I go home June 20 , 2020  

Ryan Long
Ryan Long

WCI, PO Box351, Waupun, WI 53963

BD 2000 (19 yo) out date 4 20 21

August 13,2019

My name is Ryan Long. I am 19 years old. My Doc number is 659120.I am at WCI in Waupun, The reason I am writing you is because several people have referred me to you, because you have an understanding of what goes on in the DOC institutions. I don’t understand why the doc doesn’t have policies sending MH2B ( mental health code) inmates like myself and many others who have disabilities and mental issues to adult institutions where staff shut my water off for 19 hours and the harassment and threats form staff are an everyday thing. I was at RYOCF in Racine, they sent me to WCI because of some not true words put into conduct reports ( tickets). I have wide support form PSU and most staff. However there were staff who saw other staff being kind to me and wrote false tickets . Mrs Swan , I ‘m scared , I’m hurt and I’m very very tired of how they treat me. I’m so depressed and alone. I’m considering putting an end to myself. I miss RYOCF so much. I have a best friend, my only friend who I may never get to see ever again. I’m sorry for writing all this and I know this probably won’t go out because staff tamper with my mail because I told them I will file a lawsuit. Even if you get this you won’t want t o write back. I understand, no one does. All I’m asking if you would be willing to , could you contact federal alw enforcement and let them know there are many abuses going on in RHU at WCI and have them come talk to me. The officers have threatened lives and safety, shut off water for long periods of time, call us names, stolen property, tampered with mail. They won’t even let me call my dying mother who had a liver transport and is not recovering well. Please don’t do it for me, do it for helping inmates who staff make suffer emotionally and physically. Can you please also send reform newsletters and copy of the jailhouse lawyers handbook. I appreciate it. Please I am asking with all my heart.  I may not last long.

August 29, 2019

Thankyou for writing back and caring about me. I appreciate it a lot .I got your letter this evening. It meant a lot to me. To answer the youth prison questions- the age limit is 17-24.The PRC can send whoever they want to an adult prison any time they want. The only issue is that they have a “youthful” facility for a reason and I don’t understand why the DOC is allowed to send “youthful” inmates from a ”youthful” facility to a maximum adult facility. PRC determines where inmates are placed. The PRC at RYOCF picks favorites- because I was seeking legal assistance and they didn’t like that and staff knew I was and wrote false and fabricated CR’s to make me look bad. They placed me being only 19 and an MH-2B( a mentally ill inmate)into a sea full of sharks-a max prison. The staff are just plain cruel and I just don’t understand why. At RYOCF believe it or not there actually is quite a few decent staff who don’t just come to work to get paid but to help us. But that’s only when the higher ups are gone. The higher-ups like the security director, deputy warden and the warden don’t like being nice and respectful. They only see their false view is ”what is right” but they twist that around and around. I’m a target here at WCI because I’m really short and skinny. I am taken advantage of a lot .I don’t think that is justice- sending me or anyone from a ‘Youthful” facility to an adult max prison.

     I was charged as an adult at 17 years old for a petty burglary charge. I don’t understand how and why they can charge a minor at 17 as an adult that makes zero sense. In the laws eyes aren’t we considered “underage”until age 21. We can’t drink alcohol or go into Clubs or bars until that age. This state goes above and beyond to convict anyone of anything not caring what we were going through or if it’s true or not. It’s all a money making scheme. They get Federal and State tax dollars for every inmate they throw in prison each year! They value paper over human liver! (paper meaning money).If the government had it their way they’d lock everyone up just ot keep the cash flowing. It looks like they’re doing just that. They falsely call this the “lad of the free.” when the USA has the world’s highest prison lickup rate. They say at the end of the pledge at allegiance”with liberty and justice for all” Ha! yeah ok. They don’t require children in public schools to say the pledge no more. I can prove that cause I graduated in 2018. Some justice this is.

    Anyway, when they threw me in this WCI hellhole nightmare I tried to appeal with no luck. I have a form for sending to the state legislators that I can hopefully get back to RYOCF and reverse the PRC’s decision. Its the senate on judiciary and public safety in the state capital. Is there any possible way for you to help me get in contact with them and talk to them about reversing  PRC’s decision. I don’t feel safe here. I have a very good friend t RYOCF who supports me and cares about who I can’t live without. He was falsely convicted without proper evidence and I feel sorry for him. His name is Fredrick Pickett DOC 620614 and he is as close as family gets. I need to get back to him though really had and rough times and now because the DOC lied and moved me, I don’t have anyone. Please peggy! Through my broken heart I’m asking you. Please help me get back to RYOCF. I’m asking you, please help me get back to RYPCF. I’m struggling and lost. This has cut me very deep and the amount of stress is so plentiful I now stress related health and heart issues. The move has severely impacted my life. Even some RYOCF staff tried to prevent the transfer because they now the CRs and what PRC bases stuff off is false. Captain Thurman at RYOCF has seriously tried in all his capacity and even used his time spent working in the DOC to try preventing the transfer. I saw him do it. But in a corrupt DOC staff’s opinions don’t matter. Even though there’s camera evidence to prove the CRs to be false they could care less about presenting the evidence to prove innocence. Staff send inmates to seg for stupid stuff like disrespect and give them 90 fricken days! That’s another example of mass incarceration. The seriously has become a throw-away society. In this case though they would rather throw an inmate or citizen away rather that fixing the issue and making it better.  Instead they make it worse. It’s similar to a person on the outs-for example If a tv breaks and is fixable the person would rather throw it out that taking the time to fix it. The person then gets a new one. Like the state-they lookup and inmate for something petty, They would rather throw him away and keep the inmate form society, harass and punish him/her for even more petty stuff then lock the inmate up again in seg. The cycle repeats continuously. I was going to ask what is a blogpost?I like the idea of turning destructive thoughts into positive change. How can I get a blog post? Thank you for sending the envelopes , guidebooks and newsletter. I have yet to receive them but it shouldn’t be too long. If you could. Could you get in contact with that inmate I told you about hoe I care about alots? He’s going through very difficult times as well. If you will just tell him I miss him tons. He doesn’t have any money so would you be willing to send him some envelopes so I can talk to him. (thanks, me Psychic hug)
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