Saturday, May 7, 2016

The House of Burning Souls by Uhuru 2012

Text Box: Original author of this is unknown. This is a Uhuru embellishment.The House of Burning Souls'

Ras Uhuru
1)        This poisonous house that is built around me is a place of steel and concrete. And here I sit, surrounded by people yet isolated and all alone.
2)        As I hear the constant and repetitive refrain of the cruel cling of metal doors and the anti Xmas jingle of keys, the ones that lock in my humanity and dehumanize my humble existence, as they turn, my heart turns to steel, making the world indifferent to my needs and me indifferent to those who have abandoned me in my time of need, from you.
3)        Yeah, I can hear the scrapes of another fate, of feet on the concrete, of guards and prisoners, as each conceal hatred for the other, and the silence and laughter of madness of the ones who's spirits and minds have been broken and now lie dead in seg cells and whose souls are full of dread.
In the midst of this, yelling, bamming, and banging, sings the ghetto fortune teller of the fate of many men ... "Gotta get the fuck out of here, dying in prison is my secret fear. I no longer know how it feels to be free."
4)        Another day, another night, which one of us will die tonight? Which one of us has not a last fight? For now is all I have to look forward to. The future has been stolen and frozen. Molded and moded to their vision and plan. A place of broken dreams and snake bites with the same routines. Yet, I count my blessings because I can still feel and I know it is real ... that with love anything can be changed.
5)        During the day you see the eyes and the reflections of slaves. In the light I can smell the aches and pain of the fallen behind enemy lines. I can taste the inhumanity and insanity. You see, this is a holocaust of a new and improved/approved kind. One that leaves the body static but alive as it bums and melts the hopes and dreams and incinerates the mind and spoils the soul.
6)        And out of history, like an eerie ghost story, the indelible scene lasts forever, as the detachment card is played. "I'm just doing my job and following orders" is what they say to turn their conscious off like the night switch, but can't you feel the heat of the flames? You want to yell to the people of the world to cause attention to the dehumanization and wanton degradation and calm the rage eating you alive. "Look at what they are doing to us! Every day and Ghrainbing thang."
Wisconsin's House of Burning Souls

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