Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Demands of Food Refusers June 2016, supported by petition sign

Dying to Live
Demands from Hunger strikers, supported by petition signers

Human Rights Fight at Waupun Correctional Institution starting June 10, 2016.

 Prisoners in Waupun's solitary confinement will start “no food and Water” humanitarian demand from Wisconsin DOC officials.
THE WHY: In the state of Wisconsin hundreds of Prisoners are in the long term solitary confinement Units AKA administrative confinement (AC). Some have been in this status for 18 to 29 years concurrently

The Problem: The U.N., several states , and even President Obama have come out against this kind of confinement, citing the torturous effect it has on prisoners.
The objective: Stop the torturous use of long term solitary confinement (A.C.) by:

1) Placing a legislative cap on the use of long term solitary confinement ( A.C.)

     2) DOC and WIS legislators adopt/come into Compliance with the U.N. Mandela Rules on the use of solitary confinement.

    3) Oversight board/committee independent of DOC to stop abuse and over classification of prisoners to “short” and “long” term confinement.

    4) Immediate transition and release to a less restrictive housing of prisoners who been on the long term solitary confinement units for more than a year in the Wisconsin DOC.

     5)Proper  mental health facilities and treatment of “short “ and “long “term Solitary confinement prisoners.

     6) And immediate FBI investigation into the mind control program that the DOC is currently operating in the system designed to recondition and break the prisoners the DOC considers a threat to their regiment.
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