Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Joshua Scolman watches his mind deteriorate plus new posts

Description of Abuse
My name is Joshua Scolman. I’m 32 years old and have been incarcerated for 10 years.  I have been placed in solitary confinement on numerous occasions for from 3 months to a year, and am now serving a year of solitary time, at which point I will be placed on administrative confinement for defending myself against the abuse and conduct of staff. Each time I come to seg, I lose myself a little more. I have my religious freedoms completely denied,   I’m subject to psychological torture, which leads to continual deterioration of my mental faculties. I am denied human contact, which leads me to further anti-social behavior, which in turn causes me more problems. It is a slippery slope. I am currently held in a cell with a window facing a brick wall, no view of nature, the sky, sun or outside life. My religion of Odinism is a nature religion, and it’s through the outdoors I see my Gods so I am deprived of this as well. I have contracted many psychological “ticks” such as OCD, communication problems, and PTSD.  I’m continually stressed out over insignificant things. And it’s only getting worse. The mass hysteria these seg units infects men with is real, and very serious. The public needs to be aware of the damage being done to so many prisoners across the state, and nationwide, and to act to correct the problem of long term segregation sentences.

We are establishing contact with Joshua and have invited him to write regularly for this blog. 
If you would like to wirte him, here is his info: 
Joshua Scolman 422508; Po Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

December 19, 2016

By Joshua Scolman

Recently Waupun Corr. Inst. Had a scary incident where a black man viciously attacked a female guard stabbing here in the face and arm. There is no excuse for that kind of cowardice. For a man to attack a woman in that way is the lowest of behaviors.

Having said that, I do understand the frustration men feel- As administration sits up in their offices devising new ways to oppress prisoners through petty policies and the micro management of men’s lives for no real reason other than the sheer boredom, the average correctional officer is faced with the daunting task of enforcing said nonsense. Then,of course, when prisoners push back with the only thing we have, violence, it’s not the administration that feels the wrath but the lower guards. Its apparent Administration doesn’t even care about their soldiers, because they continue to force staff to enforce ridiculous policy, and only after a tragedy occurs do they show appreciation or caring to the victim, but then continue their oppression on an even higher level.

The cowards who oppress inmates are never found to get their own boot soiled, or hands stained in the fields of battle but rather send young well meaning men and women to do their dirty work for them. These same cowards never leave their offices of plush comfort without a host of guards to protect them. Then of course when something like this happens the send out all points bulletins to all the main stream media sources exaggerating how violent prisons in Wisconsin are and how their lives are constantly in danger, and a host of blatant lies. They never inform the public that prisoners are abused at a staggering 20 -1 to guards.

Now I’ll end by again reiterating this black man who attacked a young woman is a coward and should receive no pity or support, it is honorless to commit such crimes. Never strike a woman unless your life hangs in the balance, even in the  midst of battle a true soldier retains his honor.

By Joshua Scolman #422508

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