Tuesday, August 30, 2016

List of Hunger Strikers

Please consider writing letters to these prisoners who have been engaged in direct action and food refusals against the WI DOC solitary confinement and control unit practices.

Dying to Live Hunger Strike
Currently on strike and have been since 6/7. Being force fed regularly:
LaRon McKinley 42642
Cesar DeLeon 322800 
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351

Was on strike starting in June:

Joshua Scolman 422508
Ronald Lane 469083
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351

Joshua has a deviated septum and was hospitalized during force feeding. Ronald is still refusing food, but also refuses to be force-fed, so he is drinking his meals (given 30 minutes to drink 3 cans of Ensure once per day).

Uhuru Mutawakkil (chosen name)
N. Green 228971 
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909

Joined Dying to Live Hunger strike on Mon Aug 15: 
Antonio Smith 275561
Aaron Scott 461771
Waupun CI P.O. Box 351, Waupun WI 53963-0351

Unclear whether on strike or not at this time:
Shirrell Watkins 359661 
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909 

Lamar Larry 293906
Green Bay CI P. O. Box 19033 Green Bay WI 54307-9033

Both were on the strike in Waupun, but lost contact when they transferred out.

Additional Waupun Hunger Strike 

Joshua Berrios 577319 
Jordan Cosby 501015 
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351 

In mid June, Cosby sent a letter saying that he, Joshua and possibly half a dozen others were going on hunger strike, but we haven't gotten confirmation. 

Robert Tatum 574254
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351 

Robert went on hunger strike demanding a healthy diet that conforms with his Muslim religious practice in April. After 11 days the DOC got a court order to force feed him, and he ended his hunger strike to avoid being tube fed. He ate a meal, then Waupun staff force fed him anyway.

July 13 mental health unit hunger strike at GBCI (see this post: http://bit.ly/2aeqf2p)

Currently on hunger strike:

Devon Armour 5998093
Howard Brown IV 568093

Green Bay CI P. O. Box 19033 Green Bay WI 54307-9033

Came off in first days after retaliation:

Leonte Porter 597623
Kyle Young 563594 
Green Bay CI P. O. Box 19033 Green Bay WI 54307-9033

Dozens more in Columbia?
Robert Ward 515599
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909 

Ward sent a letter describing conditions in Columbia Correctional and stating that dozens of prisoners are on hunger strike there. A nurse said there were so many being force fed that they were unable to treat other patients. We don't have any other names at this time, or knowledge of their demands, if they're different from the Dying to Live demands.

Latest Additions 

Francisco Torres 217818 
Columbia CI P.O. Box 900, Portage WI 53901-0909

Torres has been on and  hunger striking since 2015 however only just heard of this effort when newsletter came out. Is on AC for bogus reasons he says. He was attacked after warning prison authorities he was in danger.


  1. How long has this been going on the hunger strikes. Lord please help these humans to be treated with dignity and respect! Changing the law and the justice system dog food is not for humans my children tell me what they eat and what they're given prayers that they get the nutrition they need to live.

    1. Bless you for praying for these individuals. What is happening? My son was involved in the foster system his entire life and as a result was dysfunctional as an adult. He got into a fight with his girlfriend and put his hands on her, which I do not defend, but was subsequently ordered to do five years at waupun most of which has been in segregation. While in segregation he has made continuous claims of abuse by staff and has been charged while there. His maximum release date is now 2054! His entire life institutionalized! I am at a loss as to what to do besides pray to God that he has mercy on everyone involved.

  2. This hunger strike has gone on for far too long. It has been two and a half months! JESUS! ACtion needs to be taken by wisconsin DOC, their refusal to act is a complicit continuation of this torture and it's heartbreaking to know that these men are continuing to be force fed. Jon LItscher needs to do something otherwise he is saying that he is okay with torturing his fellow human beings.