Thursday, December 15, 2016

Latest News From Cesar DeLeon

Cesar DeLeon #322800
 WCI PO Box 351
 Waupun ,  WI 53963

Backgound: A few years ago, Cesar was the victim of a concerted attempt to discredit and humiliate him. This writer had never encountered this before but has many time since. Through guards passing false rumors to prisoners about a inmate questioning his manhood and/or accusing him of snitching they can cause dramatic psychological turmoil and in most cases, where the inmate is finally isolated by these tactics, he lashes out. This Cesar did, injuring a guard, and so ends up in Administrative confinement. When Cesar first complained that this campaign against him was happening I did not believe him but have since encountered the same tactics many time and believe it is routinely done to those who begin to have an impact on their fellow inmates and developing into leaders for reform of the system.

Cesar has been our main contact with the hunger strike for the past couple months- Look to these articles on the beginnings of the hunger strike, called "food refusal"
and the prison taking up the torturous practice of force feeding:
click here to  read letter from December 3rd

This is from A report of a visitor December 8th: "According to the information she got from Cesar, the abuse started after he met with me last week Wednesday. They took him for feeding and wanted him to open his mouth which he wouldn't do. And that is when the abuse started. He was dragged to an empty room where they took his glasses, paper, pens, all his clothes. They said they would not force feed him but denied him water. They are force feeding him every three days to make it the most difficult for him. The pain is the worst for the first few days so they do it this way to try to inflict the most pain and to break him. Also he is denied water which you can only go for three days without. She said he looked different and was struggling to remember
and focus. (This is a big difference from when I saw him last week Wed.)

The force feedings are video taped and he has asked me to try to get the videos from Dec. 5 at 1pm and 7pm when he was beaten and given some sort of electrical shock (tasered perhaps). He says it leaves him so weak that he can't walk and is dragged through the halls, losing his socks, parts of clothes. He says it is a form of abuse or torture and asked his sister to report it to the Waupun police.

He is also still asking us to try to get him an attorney who will deal with this abuse."


Well the past few days have been hard. Apart from the pain, humiliation, and sick process I have to go through 3 times per day in this force-feeding, I am okay. The weather though make it hard. It makes you dizzy and sick. Plus it makes you hungry as well. I try not to think of food or else you break. Guards and nurses want to see this end. They claim to be short on staff and we are jamming them up even though is only two of us. They’re so desperate that they offered to let us drink the fluids on our own rather than tube-feeding it to us because if we take it voluntarily they don’t have to record it, have supervisors present, do vitals, and so forth. But we decline their offer. We are on a food refusal strike. We ain’t taking anything voluntarily until we accomplish our objective, which is to put a one year cap on the use of administration confinement (long term solitary confinement).

I received a letter from Peg Swan today. Apparently she too is working with other legislators to write up a bill that would restrict solitary confinement. That’s wonderful. The proposals are a bit long but they are basically the original six demands. When I spoke to Rep. Jo Casta Zamarripa I kept it simple and to the point. Solitary confinement for discipline purposes should be restricted to 15 day and for non-punitive administrative confinement to 360 days. Well as long as we reach our objective either way is fine with me.

I been asking some of this other guy to join us on the strike. But right now no one else is willing. Maybe when the weather cools off a bit. Hunger strikes are not easy. They hurt like hell and they can even damage your organs. And that is what everyone is scared of…I don’t blame them. No one wants to be the sacrificial lamb, but sometimes you have to think of others as well. Che Guevara live his life based upon three principles, “Social Awareness,” “Personal Example,” and “Self-Sacrifice,” and I too now have chosen to live mine with those principles. I hope others will follow.

In struggle,


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