Friday, September 9, 2016

Jordan cosby , hunger striker, makes statement

Jordan Cosby  501015, WCI

From letter 7 4 16

Today I write you to inform you that there are more inmates here at WCI joining the hunger strike. There are also more motives to why we are striking which are
1) Poor programming the is offered to us for rehabilitation inside the prison and outside for those who are being released.
2)Poor health and psychological services being house in restrictive housing.
3)Inadequate mental health treatment for inmates with a serious mental health illness. 
 I have been on strike since 6-16-16 Thursday the day I got transferred to WCI for WRC.
 I have not dranked or ate since. The reason I am striking is because I have a mental health illness and as a result of my illness I engage in self harm and suicide attempts> I currently have real bad cu marks on my arms as we speak from cutting myself very badly. I got 12 stitches in my arm right now because I cut tendons in my forearm. I over dosed on 29pills and try to commit suicide and was in a coma for 4 days. I am striking because WCI is very corrupt form PSU fabricating documentation because inmates swear at them because PSU use observation as punishing or because some inmates are exhibitors.
I am striking because security staff are corrupt because if their negligence knowing inmates are about to harm themselves and instead of stopping them they neglect them until supervisors come. I am on strike because WCI is mistreating me just because my (MH code) mental health code is a 2B which means I have a serious mental health illness. .They are mistreating me because instead of housing me around inmates with the same MH code they house me in restrictive housing > they have what they call BHU (behavior Housing unit) where they house mentally ill inmates>I am striking because WCI is corrupt with the ICE complaint system.
I got assaulted by two guards on December 10 , 2015 just like the inmate Shaidon Blake in Baltimore. The guards Trevor Klemmer and Gres Peterson slammed me on my face knocking my teeth out having to go to the hospital the same day still work here, still work around me, they harrass me and when I complain nothing gets done about it. This situation is the same as Mr Blake’s case: I was in full restraints , hand cuffed behind my back, shackles on my ankles, tethered to the door>I fear for my life here at WCI an have a plan to actually commit suicide.
I constantly write Dodge county court house about getting a restraining order against them-nothing but a run around; I write Madison, Lena Taylor, Cathy Jess, inform the Warden here at WCI and nothing is getting done. I even take it to the FBI and Washington DC. I a losing hope and  I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel> ny the time you write back I hope to see some changes about WCI whether its them having these body cameras and audio systems they  had in 2014 for all the abuse that as happening in WCITHU to people with serious mental health illnesses like myself get proper mental health treatment that not in WCI segregation.
Being house at CI messed me up for life and I will never be the same. Right now I am the only inmate in the THU that they purposely  choose to put me in the most restrictive observation placement when I engage in self harm which is strapping me down to a bed for hours. Just on 6-27-16 I cut my arm in front of a PSU staff member Dr Van Buren and she walked off. Before I cut my arm I informed her can you please put me in the safety suit she said no because you destroy them . I ask her can you place me in bed restraints because I do not feel safe >She said no because you di d not do nothing>
once I cut my arm open to where I can stick my finger tip in the wounds he walked off. Then almost30 minutes later they strapped me down for 36 hours without giving me stitches and by me already already cut 2 tendons the day before where I got order from the doctor to move my arm around because if I don’t it will stiffen up < and I was in bed restraints for 16 hours. Another inmate named Joshua Berrios 577319  has been on strike as well and has been holding strong> I was just hospitalized for engaging in self harm.
 I  am a cutter and was told I a dying slow, I need to eat> at this point I have not got a court order to be force fed but I am told by nurses that it is coming soon. To be honest I am at the point where I want to end my life> Joshua Berrios 577319 keeps me strong sometimes> he also is on strike about low wages for work and schooling for the indigent inmates that have no source of income.

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  1. Mr. Cosby,
    Please do not take your life. It is sacred and precious to God even though it feels like He has abandoned you. Remember even Jesus, God's son, felt abandoned in His life; in reality God is near to the suffering. Hold on the best you can, and I promise you will be rewarded with Heaven. I'm praying for your strength and health and helping campaign that your conditions will be made better.