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Support Uhuru' bid for release from A/C after 18 years

 please consider doing one or both of  all of these actions in his support:
Please use this template (below and in pdf here)and write a letter to US attorney General Asking him to intervene and press for Uhuru's ( Norman Green 228971) release from Solitary confinement . This man has been in solitary for 18 years solely because of his prison advocacy and leadership abilities.  enough is enough
Here it is pasted below: a short but powerful letter:

Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

                                             Re: Human Rights/Torture Solitary Confinement of

                                                      Ras AtumRa Uhuru  Mutawakkil,  

                                           (Norman Green Jr. #228971; CCI, PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53805 


File #3732077


1) We or I would like the U.S. Attorney General to investigate and bring suit against the state of Wisconsin and Governor Walker for the human rights violations of Mutawakkil ( Green) whom has been in solitary/administrative confinement ( AC/SC) for over 18 years concurrently.


2) We or I think this is torture as Inhuman Rights Committee has documented and defined. As a US citizen, I do not want people being tortured in our prisons.


3) If we do not enforce human rights in this country as defined by world community, how can we advocate human rights around the world?


Please Address the immediately.

Thank you.


Name: _______________________________________________________




Note: you can call or write the message or do both

ID#3732077; Phone: 301-583-7350


3Ways you can help right now

(follow the links for more info )
1.)Sign our Petition to end long term solitary confinement

2)Write US district Attorney asking for investigation into and Norman Green 228971, 18 years unjustly confined on administrative Confinement ( A/C)

3)Write A Prisoner! with either a friendly card or longer term penpal relationship- this is one of the  most rewarding ways to get involved.

More on stranded friends blog 

Below are prisoners now on long term solitary confinement, many hunger strike, most mentally ill in no way able to cope with the conditions- your encouragement can mean the difference between life and death and also can be the light in their life that shows them how to survive this ordeal with psyche intact.
Here is a link to the post of one prisoner who I first encountered when he deeply entrenched in a seg cycle- my letters , he told me later were that light. Now he is a helper to all in there and through his incredible art, communicates with the world.

We are always available for questions or complaints if you do decide to write an inmate and we also offer forwarding mail service if you do not want to give the prisoner you address. email for more information.
   Here is our current list of most needing and in solitary confinement. For more prisoner in need of friendship go to our "Stranded friends" blog by clicking here.

Many of  the prisoners below were part of lists sent by other inmates and we have written them to get their stories and offer encouragement. They could your encouragement now also. Some are especially disturbing- so young, mentally ill , getting no treatment and instead they get indefinite solitary confinement. For some, it looks like they will be released this year- untreated, with no programming.

                                 ENCOURAGING LETTERS NEEDED
  1) Joshua Scolman 422508, WCI , PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963 (click for his story)

 BD1983 (33)  ext sup 4 23 68 

2)Robert Ward 515599 WSPF ,PO Box 9900 Boscobel, WI 53805(see his blog and incredible story)

BD 1990(26),  extended supervision date 1 26 18

Next Four are from December letter(read it by clicking here), we are writing for their personal stories:
3)Brion Nash 503675 WCI ; PO Box 351, Waupun, Wi 53963; birthday(bd) 1992(24) ;extended supervision date(out date):7 17
4)Damario Redmond 625166;WCI PO Box 351, Waupun , WI 53963; bd1997 (19)  extended supervision date ( out date) 2018
5) Jose Soto 307830; WCI, PO Box 351; Waupun ,WI 53963; bd 1978(36), no release date given
Jose is a long time advocate and friend and well worth the effort in writing- highly recommended

6)Tommy Carter 389297, WCI PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963;bd 1984 (31) extended supervision date (out date) 2018

LaDell Evans 533468 and Joshua Berrios577319; WCI PO Box 351, Waupun WI 53963

LaDell Evans 533468; WCI; bd 1993 (23);ext sup Outdate 1225

8)Joshua Berrios 577319 , WCI PO Box 351, Waupun WI 53963;

Bd 1993 (23)ext sup (out date)1  6 17
  9)Norman Green ,Ras AtumRa Uhuru Mutawakkil 228971, click to view profile and writings  ( click to view profile and writings and legal actions);CCI,PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53901

 His friends call him "Uhuru".


This man has been a mentor to me, along with a few others in there, for the 16 plus years I have worked with inmates and their families. I consider him a visionary and political prisoner, Shortly before the hunger strike started, he was transferred to Columbia  Correctional and has been completely isolated from the rest of the movement. He needs encouragement and would love to write to someone who is serious about justice. He continues to do nonstop legal work and has many essays -you can see his writing, legal work and petition to DA in Washington here.




















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Organizing what's here for easier finding

  In an attempt to make this blog Easier to follow,
We have put the links to this blog in categories below:
Wisconsin watch intro and explanations- this is the outlet of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting. Their reporter Dee Hall has done and excellent job of covering the prisoner's campaign to end solitary torture and the protests and support of the public.
Here are the original demands of the food refusers
And Just what is this "administrative confinement (A/C)" and how does it differ from "segregation"?
In August, the prison tries a new even more dangerous tactic- force feed every 72 hours- just at the point of death while refusing water:

Cesar DeLeon undergoing force feeding
Cesar DeLeon
For the last couple months communication has been interrupted and our main source to information is letters from and visits to Cesar De Leon. The first post is a profile and letter from his mother:
this third post is letter from Cesar and one from LaRon McKinley, anther important participant

LaRon McKinley has been on Administrative confinement for over 27 years. He is now at the Wisconsin Recourse Center(WRC) where he is getting programs that will prepare him to go to general population in anther state. This is a major breakthrough for him , a long sufferer, and the one bright spot so far. Again the first one is a profile and background.
LaRon McKinley now heading for GP in another state

Norman Green

 Norman Green, Or Ras AtmRaUhuru mutawakkil ,
"Uhuru" to his friends
  An AC for more than 18 years, Uhuru is a natural leader and this writer considers him a visionary. He was a force behind the food refusal and before it stared, the prison moved him to a different prison From WCI to CCI. HE underwent one force feeding and then suspended his strike in order to file suit in the courts to get the force feeding stopped. Here is his petition to the courts: 
Here is post with more explanations of the writ.

And he has written a template letter to be send to the US district Attorney before the next president takes office .Please consider printing this out ,signing and mailing:
Below "Recognizing false Dawns"when the DOC published seg guidelines last year, Uhuru knew that without the courts or leigslature they would not last long. As soon as public attention landed on something else, the new policies were abandoned. surviving-long.html- this is advice to follow long term solitary survivors

Penpals and encouraging letters
To help with this: Stranded Friends Blog
                                Three ways you can help: 
What the rest of the world says
click here for UN reports, expert opinions on solitary, supreme court statements and studies of numerous organizations, articles etc. /
Thomas Deering
LaRon McKinley
Joshua Scolman
Robert Ward 515599
William Ledford
Shirell Watkins
Rashun Woods
Jordan Cosby
Zachary Krivitz
older reports check
Letter from Howard Brown describing GBCI hunger strike:

Grievances of GBCI hunger strikers:

Letter from LaRon McKinley-Bey describing tampering with video evidence:

Letter from Robert Ward about hunger strikes at Columbia CI

Leonte Porter complaint:

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LaRon mcKinley, Tommie Carter letters and latest news

Update from LaRon McKinley- now at WRC and expecting to go to General population

1)For a long time our only news from hunger strikers within the prison came from Cesar De Leon, the stalwart lone survivor of the torturous force feeding techniques used by the prison. Then the prison started forced feeding him only every three days making the process as painful and physically traumatic as is possible. Our information came from a IWW member visitor. his family, and his letters. Here is one letter date the third of December:
2)Norman Green, Uhuru to his friends, and a man who has endured 18 years of solitary confinement, has filed a petition to end this kind of retaliatory forced feeding. He cites national and international experts and organization all who roundly condemn practices that the WI prison system utilizes daily
read his petition to the court:
here are some of the experts quoted:

December 22nd
3)Letter from Tommy Carter outline s the abuses 6 hunger strikers are undergoing in the seg unit at Waupun Correction Institution WCI. Here is his letter in pdf form as written and then typed:

Tommie Carter 389297
WCI,PO Box 351; Waupun , Wi 53963

December 18, 2016
     Ms Swan, On December 1, 2016, the Department of Corrections was granted a one year order for involuntary evaluation, feeding and hydration of me. I have continuously refused to voluntarily consume any nutrition or hydration in protest of the constitutional violations here at Waupun
      In addition to being deprived of minimal civilized measure of life’s necessities as described in “the nature of the hunger strike” that I submitted incase no 16-cv-572 as we are experiencing unrelenting and crushing mental anguish, pain and suffering as a result of the inadequate mental health treatment and many years that we have spent without normal human interaction, in stark and restrictive conditions, without any hope of release from this living nightmare that does not end and will not end.
      Ms Swan, the devastating psychological and physical effects of prolonged solitary confinement here at Waupun is well documented to cause mentally ill inmates significant mental harm and places them at grave risk of even more devastating future psychological harm.
      As evident of this, me and Mr Cesar DeLeon endure beatings every single day. Because we will not allow WCI officials to weaken and undermine us or break us , as they have claimed, we are causing problems by brainwashing other inmates to go on hunger strikes in support of the protest. Additionally, we were told, that if we continue ti not come out our cells to be forcibly feed or hydrated by WCI nursing staff we would be beaten, So we are beaten, tased or sprayed with substances that are capable of causing death, These agents affects your ability to breathe or see for long periods of time. Dr Salam U Syed recently testified that my health is still deteriorating and that my urine specific gravity show very large amounts of ketones and that my blood work for electrolytes are not normal which could cause metabolic acidosis, electrolyte imbalance, cardiac complications, coma and death.
     I believe these are scare tactics because if my gluconeogenesis(?)were in full effects by producing energy from non-conventional sources in my body, I would have been hospitalized already(if it were not in full effect?)
     These are the following prisoners at WCI who are on an active hunger strike:
  ( here info on them if you wish to write an encouraging note)
Tommy Carter
Cesar DeLeon
Jose Soto
Brion Nash
          I am also placing you on notice that these people are fabricating these meal monitor logs claiming that we are eating in an attempt to get us off our strikes. It’s just another tactic they use. Please call up here to WCO and inquire about us see what they tell you. I believe another round of protest outside WCI should be done ASAP but this time turn the heat up,
            Please send me all the information that you have on the use of force and hunger strikes here at Waupun. Excessive force is still being use on prisoners here at Waupun every day. Please do not forget to let your media and legislative contact know what they are doing to us,
       In November to December 2016 we were on modified lock down because officer Nelson was stabbed several times for purportedly(?) provoking and harassing a mentally ill prisoners.  Please write me back ASAP to let me know if you get this letter.

Sincerely yours, Tommy Carter     

Note:I have looked up these inmates he has noted and found all but two whose names are too common to narrow down. Soon we will have profiles and photos of all  and you will be able to write
them encouraging letters

4) Hunger striker in CCI in trouble. This we just received also-is it that suddenly the mail is coming through?

5) LaRon McKinley Bey has been in segregation for over 15 years. He is one bright light here for he is now undergoing treatment at Wisconsin Resource Center and will be transferred soon to another state and to general population. He has a suit in the courts challenging the WI DOC over sue and abuse of solitary confinement,  Below in PDF form is a list of demands we recently received. N a recent letter he said he would like to take up  his art work again. This man is  a fine artist but could not think of anything but survival since his transfer to WCI(links to his art and case other docs coming)


Sign the Dying to Live Petition

Please sign the Dying to Live petition on so we can reach 1,000 signatures. We would very much like to get this to the legislature before or when they begin their session in January. Please share this petition with whomever you can!

Please sign Petition to protest solitary confinement torture

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Joshua Scolman watches his mind deteriorate plus new posts

Description of Abuse
My name is Joshua Scolman. I’m 32 years old and have been incarcerated for 10 years.  I have been placed in solitary confinement on numerous occasions for from 3 months to a year, and am now serving a year of solitary time, at which point I will be placed on administrative confinement for defending myself against the abuse and conduct of staff. Each time I come to seg, I lose myself a little more. I have my religious freedoms completely denied,   I’m subject to psychological torture, which leads to continual deterioration of my mental faculties. I am denied human contact, which leads me to further anti-social behavior, which in turn causes me more problems. It is a slippery slope. I am currently held in a cell with a window facing a brick wall, no view of nature, the sky, sun or outside life. My religion of Odinism is a nature religion, and it’s through the outdoors I see my Gods so I am deprived of this as well. I have contracted many psychological “ticks” such as OCD, communication problems, and PTSD.  I’m continually stressed out over insignificant things. And it’s only getting worse. The mass hysteria these seg units infects men with is real, and very serious. The public needs to be aware of the damage being done to so many prisoners across the state, and nationwide, and to act to correct the problem of long term segregation sentences.

We are establishing contact with Joshua and have invited him to write regularly for this blog. 
If you would like to wirte him, here is his info: 
Joshua Scolman 422508; Po Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

December 19, 2016

By Joshua Scolman

Recently Waupun Corr. Inst. Had a scary incident where a black man viciously attacked a female guard stabbing here in the face and arm. There is no excuse for that kind of cowardice. For a man to attack a woman in that way is the lowest of behaviors.

Having said that, I do understand the frustration men feel- As administration sits up in their offices devising new ways to oppress prisoners through petty policies and the micro management of men’s lives for no real reason other than the sheer boredom, the average correctional officer is faced with the daunting task of enforcing said nonsense. Then,of course, when prisoners push back with the only thing we have, violence, it’s not the administration that feels the wrath but the lower guards. Its apparent Administration doesn’t even care about their soldiers, because they continue to force staff to enforce ridiculous policy, and only after a tragedy occurs do they show appreciation or caring to the victim, but then continue their oppression on an even higher level.

The cowards who oppress inmates are never found to get their own boot soiled, or hands stained in the fields of battle but rather send young well meaning men and women to do their dirty work for them. These same cowards never leave their offices of plush comfort without a host of guards to protect them. Then of course when something like this happens the send out all points bulletins to all the main stream media sources exaggerating how violent prisons in Wisconsin are and how their lives are constantly in danger, and a host of blatant lies. They never inform the public that prisoners are abused at a staggering 20 -1 to guards.

Now I’ll end by again reiterating this black man who attacked a young woman is a coward and should receive no pity or support, it is honorless to commit such crimes. Never strike a woman unless your life hangs in the balance, even in the  midst of battle a true soldier retains his honor.

By Joshua Scolman #422508