Saturday, February 11, 2017

Request for John Does Investigation on its way to Court 2 13 17

2 17 17:Latest: A John Doe petition has been filed by FFUP against the WDOC and Marquis Corporation concerning their illegal taking of prisoners funds. It includes 22 prisoners’ testimonies.
 Article by Bill Lueders in Isthmus: /

1)Essays by prisoners explaining the scam.
     a) Rehabilitation by stagnation:

2)Scannings of court filings below
Final versions

JOHN DOE IN parts:
1)8 page case Written by prisoner litigator Nate Lindell

2)Exhibits that go with Lindell Case

3)Cases/ testimony by victims of new policy

SOME cases below have page one and two removed as it is the same for all. To  the court goes the entire original documents of all.
Jennie Reno :
1 thru 9
10 thru 22-

FULL John Doe Request:

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