Thursday, May 25, 2017

Justin Lee Douglas and strike update

UPDATE 5- 25 -17 Justin now at CCI and is on hunger striek with another man. Have written him for more information. Says CCI worse than GBCI.

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5 10 17
Justin write that he is not on meds and has battered guards and i is asking for help to stop cutting himself and getting none . The last note is that he is told he will be going to Columbia. Why that is better I do not know.
Justin Lee Douglas 322852;GBCI

From Letter May 10, 2017
I’ve been doing very badly here in seg! I’m still not on my meds and am getting more out of control as I’ve battered 4 guards since Jan 15th and 2 were in the last two weeks!  I’m finally being sent out to Columbia Corr Inst. Within the next two weeks and no later than 3 weeks from  now. Here’s an update on what’s all been going on over here for the last few weeks.
On 4 -6-17 I told my psychologist that I’d be killing myself on 4 13 17 and she did nothing! Here name’s Dr Samamtha Scwartz-Oscar. Then on 4 11 17 I cut my wrist pretty bad when she was the crisis worker and she never talked to me or placed me onto observation. Then on 4 13 17 I cut my wrist again and she was called at home as she was the on-call crisis worker and she didn’t put me onto observation. Then on 3 14 17 I once again cut my wrist and she was also told that I didn’t feel safe with my property in my room and that security caught me strapping myself down onto the bed and she still didn’t put me onto observation! Then at 3:40 am on 4 17 17, I forced security to strap me down and she came in and said ”yeah I made a mistake- you should have been on observation since 4 11 17 the first time you started cutting your wrist”! Then on 4 20 17 I started cutting my wrist while she was crisis worker and she ignored me screaming for her, the sgt telling her I was cutting and several officers who told her but it was 45 to 60 minutes she just kept doing her sessions with other inmates when it was her main job that day t o answer crises issues and then she called down for another psychologist to come do her crisis job and that took 30 minutes while I kept cutting and HSU refused to come see me for my cuts! Then on 4 25 17 she was once again the crisis worker and this time she walked by my cell door and big 4 ft by 4 ft windows and saw me cutting my wrist, upper arm,leg and neck and all she did was shake her head no whenever I asked to talk to her, laugh and smile and continue pulling guys out to talk to her them while I cut all over my body from 2:45 to 6:40 pm while she was here in seg. The Sgt, officers and seg inmate worker told her of my cutting and all she did was say OK or I already know! But she never came to see me or tell staff to search my cell as I was on observation and still able to have something sharp to cut myself! This is the very incompetent so called psychologists we’ve got here to try and help us! Then today, 5 2 17 I cut my neck and wrist and once again she takes her time calling a GP psychologist up to seg to do her job as crisis worker and it takes 2 hours for them to get up to seg!
Please post this on as many blog as you can

Put the word out about the incompetent Psychologist Dr Samantha Schwartz-Oscar, PHD

As soon as we have and update on what is happening throughout the system , we will post template for all who want to help these prisoners. The DOC needs to know that people care. Justin needs to know his life matters.

Justin Lee Douglas 322852;
GBCI; PO Box 19033;
Green Bay. WI 54307

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Justin Lee Douglas 322852;GBCI