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PSYCH INCINERATOR AT CCI pushes another to Suicide

from  letter  by Uhuru/Norman Green 228971, CCI
AR-Rahman    AR-Rahim
to:  FFUP Legal Aid                                              9-6-2017


This morning, at approx 3:36 am., a prisoner or AC over on this range HU-7  B-31 committed suicide.  Enclosed is our collective input on what going on.  I’m not certain you will even receive this.  But I need someone to type this article and circuit it to everyone and send me six copies once its proof read.  Let me know you got it immediately so I know.  Otherwise I’ll have to keep writing and sending it.  When I don’t have the energy and my hand seem to be getting worser.

Before this happen they actually got a court order to forcely medicate him.  The Warden, he said, told the court they needed the order to stop him from doing this.  He felt like he needed to do what he claimed they lied to the court about, as if they had planted the seed in his head.  Someone need to file a open records on these deaths its been a few since I’ve been here.  As all due to the conditions.  The fact that no one don’t care or paying attention it will continue to happen.  People need to make noise. They created this hopeless milieu- they feed us less,  take all our money, disrupt court access, keep us in the oppressive hole for years, lie to us, beat us.  I’m aware of at least 3 or 4 deaths since I’ve been here.  Attempts are made every week though.  Let me know you got this.  Uhuru out.


NEWS ALERT   9-6-2017

Proposition for review:  “If Doc was fore-warned that AC/SC conditions lead to fatal mental effects, such as suicides and severe mental decomposition, does this complicity in such deaths amount to reckless homicide or 1st degree reckless endangerment   when they continuously hold persons in these torturous solitary confinement (S.C.)/Administrative Confinement Conditions (A.C.)? 

1)  Well last night at exactly 3:36 a.m. the suicide of CCI prisoner Cantrell proved that AC/SC conditions are just as deadly as they were two years ago or a year ago when Wisconsin prisoners went on a no-food and water diet to protest these torturous conditions.

2)  In response, DOC made a lot of promises to calm the public condemnation and made a few veneer cover ups to fool everyone into believing that changes are, were being made.  Well now we have the evidence in Cantrell’s death that CCI SC/AC has not changed-that the veneer put forth by Warden Dittmann, Governor Walker and mental health team is starting to crack and peel.

3.)  We have complained to deaf ears that things have not changed.  We listened as Dee Hall and others recycled DOC’s lies to quiet the protest.  Now with this death, the  matter cannot be ignored.

4)  No fake conduct reports to wave away my claims that after 20 concurrent years in AC/SC status and continuum can be justified.

5.)  The ignoring of my articles pointing out that the replacement of Edward Wall with Jon Litscher as DOC Secretary with regard to prisoners being abused and abusive conditions was akin to replacing a Grand Dragon of the Klan for the overseer of the state plantation shall now be proved.

6.)  How many more must the Psych-incinerator claim?  Who will bear witness to these continuums of Human Rights Violations in Wis. DOC AC/SC?

7.)  These suicidal conditions are exactly what this Warden and his staff want-  People to feel hopeless and despaired.

8.)  From the amount of food we receive, the continuum of AC/SC status, the amount of property and grooming and funds account.  This Warden and his staff created these conditions deliberately.

9.)  Cantrell, recently stripped of his legal rights to make decisions for his own welfare was subjected to forced mental health drugs which CCI/DOC has perfected in using as control measures when not necessary, more so push him over that psychological Rubicon.  As he expressed to me a few times how the courts and everyone else collude  with DOC/CCI and that the Warden and his team was never going to release him off AC or allow a true and real RHU consistent with GP.

10.)  We all can testify to being hungry all the time and the Illegal taking of gift money coming which inhibit our buying our own food to stop the hunger..

11.)  Another joke.  This Warden was placed on the oversight and review committee, commissioned by  DOC to find ways to reverse and stop the use and abuse of AC/SC.  Yet here we are over four years later with this Warden facilitating perhaps the worst SC/AC condition in WI DOC.

12.)  According to Cantrell himself, the Warden told the court, he needed a Force Drug Order, to Allegedly  stop Cantrell from doing what exactly has happened.

13.)  But ya see, No Force of Drugs is going to lure or stop those people from killing themselves.  Because it’s the “conditions” that’s driving them insane.  It’s the torture and oppressive conditions.  Which are maintained and they use force medication to conceal and hide these facts.  Cantrell was not the first nor will he be the last.  He merely is the exception and the one to succeed in perfectly doing what these conditions seem designed to bring into effect.

14.)  If these people seriously wanted to stop these deaths, they would not create these deprivations. They would not hold people on AC for over ten years.  Placing them in this hole and the next using word pretexts to guise the punitive and torturous nature of the conditions.  If he had a force med order, why was he in a cell that resembled and holds the exact amount of property as a prisoner doing punitive segregation/disciplinary separation?  Why was he not in a proper mental health facility?  They call this unit a SPH or SMU (special mental health unit).  The range Cantrell was on, the one we are on is suppose to be an administrative range.  And they justify putting us on this unit as a  “preventative measure.”  Meaning because being in AC/SC for long periods at a time decomposes the mental stability, we would allegedly have ready made access and can be clinically monitored for any mentally ill/health cracks.

14.)  That’s the SVENGALI lie they will tell and created to block responsibility or any true accountability for situations that just happened this morn.  The truth is, a psychologist comes through once a month and asks you if you are okay.  The same way, a stranger walking pass you down the street, would ask you, “how you are doing.”  The question is nominal and patriotic.  Not meant, and should not be understood as really eliciting a deep conversation or personal data.

15.)  The facts are, you will need to some degree self-diagnose your own mental decomposition.  Still more, if you do tell them, hey, I’m not handling my conditions, they will ignore your complaints and tell you to learn to cope or offer you medication to further confuse you and delay the effect and remove their liability. For taking drugs what change how you are responding to these torturous conditions.  The truth is the meds only facilitate further mental instability, which, while delaying the next attempt, it will soon make suicide seem more optional and inevitable, as the brain now doesn’t know how to respond to pain, suffering and torture.

16.)  These people abuse the mechanism of court orders, and this is the residual outcome.  But this too will be swept under the gates as they will feign some “We are making appropriate changes!  Code for cover-ups and veneer coating and things will remain the same as conditions now are pretty much the same as those they lied about in 2014 and 2015 etc.

I wonder what spiel will DOC/CCI offered to Cantrell’s family?  As the Lt. or Capt. told his staff this morn, don’t blame yourself.  You guys are good and laughed it off.  The guilt is not with them.  The guilt should be with this Warden and his team,  Security Director, mental health, social workers, unit managers etc.  All helped and wanted these torture conditions. One who experiences this torture daily:

Ras Uhuru  4-6-17  CCI

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